Public Safety Annoucement: Always double-check the AddOns files you download with a virus scanner. Avoid AddOns files distributed as executables (.exe). Double-check the AddOns directories to ensure that they do not contain executable files. Back up your saved variables files (at least) weekly (your saved variables are found in WTF\Account\AccountName - just copy the files to a backup location). Problematic Lua code can trash your saved variables, but should not be able to overwrite files or affect other parts of your computer (kudos to Blizzard for disabling the io package).

There are many ways to extend the World of Warcraft game engine, ranging from minor changes to the way text is displayed to better game automation to wholesale interface makeovers. The following is a list of some of the add-ons which have been helpful to other guild members. Due to space constraints, these are not hosted at our web site. Clicking on the name link will bring up a web page for the add-on. Clicking on the DL link will download the add-on from a hosting site.

To install the add-ons, virus check the downloaded file(s) (you do check everything you download from the Net, don't you?) and unpack the archive. You should have one or more folders containing the add-on files (.lua). Drag these folders into the Interface/Add-Ons folder in your World of Warcraft application directory and restart the game. You can use the "add-ons" button in the lower left corner of your character selection screen to enable/disable add-ons. Please note that if you choose to install all the add-ons listed, you should increase the UI memory to 48M (or more!) in the AddOns configuration screen.

In most cases, our members have avoided the large interface sets (Cosmos and CTMod are two of the most popular) and focused on individual modifications ("mods") that do specific tasks well. Your individual preferences may vary - feel free to experiment and to suggest other additions!

Please note that while these add-ons have been used extensively by our members, the guild takes no responsibility for problems resulting from their use. To insulate yourself from mod-related problems, you should regularly backup your SavedVariables.lua file.

Name Version Type
Ellipsis [ DL ] 2.2.0 Class - Combat/Healing-Related
Ellipsis is a multi-target damage over time (DoT) and heal over time (HoT) tracker, as well as providing notification when abilities come off cooldown. Useful for all casting classes as well as any class which has a damage cycle which is cooldown dependent.
Decursive [ DL ] Class - Healing-Related
Automates "un-debuffing" of both yourself and members of your party/raid group for classes which have cure/dispel abilities.
Reagent Data [ DL ] 2.6.0 Profession - Crafting
Not yet updated for 4.2 Reagent Data is a comprehensive library of all reagents used in tradeskills in World of Warcraft, it is used by ReagentCost, Reagent Info, and CraftInfo.
FishingBuddy [ DL ] 1.0.2 Profession - Fishing
A set of useful features to support the avid fisherman - probably not needed for anyone else. Includes features to keep track of fish caught by location, manage changing equipment for going fishing, and improving the interface to allow a right-click to cast your line (requires disabling Click-to-Move in the Advanced pane of the Interface Options).
Outfitter [ DL ] 5.2.2 Inventory - Equipment
Outfitter allows you to create multiple outfits, thus automating the changes of gear needed for different activities (riding, fishing, battlegrounds).
RandomPet [ DL ] 3.0.5b Inventory - Vanity Pets
Automatically summons/changes your deployed non-combat pet whenever you change zones (or enter the game). You can click on the pet icon button to randomly switch pets whenever allowed by the game engine.
Recount [ DL ] 4.2 Statistics
Keeps track of damage/healing done by party/raid members.
Omen [ DL ] 3.1.3 Party/Raid
Tracks threat from all party members to gauge a player's place in a mob's aggro list. Useful in any multi-player PvE situation.
Deadly Boss Mods [ DL ] 4.92a-r6090 Raid
This is the required mod for raid instances, providing timers and situational awareness for all raid boss fights. Also supports timers for battlegrounds (and provides a lightweight general timer interface).
Swindler Preventer [ DL ] 4.1a Auction
This add-on (formerly Fizzwidget's AdSpace) adds the display of vendors who sell a particular recipe to the tooltip for tradeskill recipes. Also displays specialty item information for raid items and Darkmoon Faire turn-ins.
Fizzwidgets's Add-ons (not a complete list) [link]
Disenchant Predictor [ DL ] 4.2 Profession - Enchanting
Adds tooltip info to a reagent indicating what items are likely to produce the reagent when disenchanted. A companion to Enchantrix (cf) which handles the reverse prediction.
Faction Friend [ DL ] 4.2.1 Quest-Related
Adds tooltip and UI info for reputation-gaining turn-ins.
Feed-O-Matic [ DL ] 4.2 Class - Hunter
Automates pet feeding. Many bonus features make this stand out as a hunter's best assistant.
Levelator [ DL ] 4.2 Quest-Related
Adds the display of the quest level in brackets before the name in the quest log.
Norganna's Add-ons (now SourceForge projects) [link]
Auctioneer [ DL ] 5.11.5146 Auction
Maintains a database of Auction House market prices to assist in setting your buy/sell points for items.
Enchantrix [ DL ] 5.11.5146 Profession - Enchanting
Maintains a database of items and what they disenchant into (also included in the Auctioneer suite above).
Gatherer [ DL ] 3.2.4 Profession - Gathering
Tracks of all resource nodes your character has accessed to make it easier to search for resources, displays them in the minimap and world map.
GathererDB WowHead [ DL ] 2009.9.12 Profession - Gathering
Provides the contents of the WowHead location database for gathered items for input into your local Gatherer database. To install:
  • Ensure that you have SlideBar and HUD installed and active for the period of the import
  • Open Gatherer's configuration dialog
  • Click on the "Database" tab and click the Import button
Telo's Add-ons (not a complete list) [link]
InfoBar [ DL ] 4.02.0 User-interface
Adds a simple display to the main window which can display (among other things) current wall clock time, money, free/used bag slots, and world coordinates.
Mortal Ken Add-ons
CraftInfo [ DL ] 1.4.3 Profession - Crafting
Not updated for 4.0 Adds the /craft slash command interface to the ReagentData database which allows looking up the reagents for any crafted item in ReagentData.
Reputation [ DL ] 0.16 Quest-Related
Adds a text display of reputation gains/losses (in the Combat Log by default). Originally written by Egris and Karmond, this is now being locally maintained by Mortal Ken.