Burning Crusade Beta “Coming Soon”

Blizzard is beginning to coordinate the closed beta-test phase for the new expansion. Invites have been sent out to select raiding guilds across the servers asking for 25 volunteers (primarily to get experienced raid groups to test the new 25-player content). Blizzard’s Tseric posted the following:

The players we plan to invite to the closed beta test have a rather broad demographic, including PTR contest winners, BlizzCon attendees, some raiding groups, and other guilds and individuals as well. Raiding groups represent about 20% of the players who will be in the closed beta test. Since the expansion will contain a lot of content for a variety of play styles, not just raiding, we’re definitely going to be accounting for that as we test the content.

Also, keep in mind that there is going to be more than one phase of the closed beta test. People who aren’t in at the beginning of the test could be invited in a subsequent phase.

It should be pointed out that if the expansion is (only) in early beta at this point, a November release is unlikely, but mid to late December is still a real possibility. EBGames is still offering preorders with a ship date of 11/28 for $39.99.