Post 2.1 Updates and Children’s Week advice

CapnBry updated his StanceSets and WeaponQuickSwap addons to be 2.1-compatible. Norganna’s team is hard at work on Gatherer and Auctioneer (gamma versions currently available, but currently still fragile).

For those currently running the new Outland Children’s Week quests, there’s a few things folks have noticed. First, because the completes all have scripted events (and pretty cool ones, too), only one orphan at a time can get completion credit. Dismissing and resummoning your orphan appears to be sufficient to trigger the event (this may just be a perceived effect, but it’s something to do while the 7 orphans in front of you talk to Jheel/Hch’uu). Second, it’s important to complete the “talk to Jheel/Hch’uu” quest in a timely fashion to avoid backing up everyone else; it was observed (and is apparently a known bug) that when a player is AFK’ed when the event runs, it stalls the event completion and thus locks other players out. Please be courteous!

And the good Implementors have reset the old world quest as well, so you should be able to repeat the Azerothian Children’s Week quest as well (only one more year until you can have all three!). One reporter used this route for the Alliance quests:

  • Starting in Shattrath, pick up the Children’s Week quest, set your hearth
  • Ride down to Auchindoun
  • Ride back to Shattrath and griff to Telaar (if you don’t have the griff point, ride up into Zangarmarsh, head west, and enter Nagrand from the north). Ride to Aeris Landing.
  • Ride to Telaar and griff to the Dark Portal
  • Ride through the portal, up to Nethergarde, and griff to Stormwind
  • Pick up the Children’s Week quest here
  • Griff down to Sentinel Hill for the lighthouse
  • Griff from Sentinel Hill to Loch Modan for the dam
  • Griff from Loch Modan to Menethil, catch the boat to Auberdine
  • Griff or boat to Darnassus, then back to Auberdine
  • Catch the boat to the Exodar – remember to complete both quests here (You need to talk to O’ros the naaru to get the second quest)
  • Boat back to Auberdine and griff to Theramore for Jaina’s autograph
  • Griff to Tanaris. You could ride up to Shimmering Flats to buy the ice cream, but it’s actually easier to just pick it up in Stormwind. Ride out to the Caverns of Time.
  • Hearth back to Shattrath and bid a fond farewell to Dornaa
  • Use the Shattrath portal to Stormwind, buy the ice cream at the vendor near the inn, and bid a fond farewell to Randis
  • Enjoy your two new pets!

Your mileage may vary, of course. Good luck!