Zul’aman Changes

Just in time for the weekend, lots of AddOns have been updated for the new patch:

Some of the other 2.3 changes now updated on our pages:

Winter Veil

Winter Veil is coming soon. New this year on the test realms were mail messages from Greatfather Winter providing recipes for (285) Winter Boots to leatherworkers and (250) Winter Clothes to tailors (Alliance toons got a recipe for red clothes, Horde toons got green).


  • Vendors now give improved discounts for higher reputation levels (so now there’s actually a benefit to getting to Exalted with your own faction!):
    • Friendly: 5%
    • Honored: 10% (unchanged)
    • Revered: 15%
    • Exalted: 20%
  • The new outpost of Mudsprocket in southern Dustwallow Marsh has additional quests for Gadgetzan rep.
  • Wintersaber rep has been increased – the three RRQs now yield 250 rep per turn-in (up from 75).


  • General: There are no more Journeyman, Expert, or Artisan trainers – Azerothian primary skill trainers now train up to skill level 300. This means no more visits to Uldaman for Artisan enchanting training! Also, crafted items that added only +healing now have an additional +spell damage equal to (about) 1/3 of the healing bonus.
  • Alchemy: New recipe: (335) Mad Alchemist’s Potion (Trained, MinLvl: 60, Alchemy (315), Use: Restores 1650-2750 mana and health, can grant random elixir buff)
  • Blacksmithing: Sharpening Stones and Weightstones now last 1 hour (up from 30 min), and weapon chains no longer grant immunity from disarm, just a 50% reduction in the duration.
    New recipe: (345) Adamantite Weapon Chain (World Drop, Blacksmithing (275), Use: Attaches a chain to your weapon, reducing the duration of Disarm effects by 50% and increasing your Parry rating by 15)
  • Cooking: 2 daily cooking quests are available from The Rokk at the outer wall in northern Lower City, Shattrath. The quests are the only source (so far) for the new recipes.
    New recipes:
    (1) Delicious Chocolate Cake
    (300) Kibler’s Bits (MinLvl: 55, +20 Strength and Spirit to pets for 30 min)
    (300) Stormchops (MinLvl: 55, occasionally procs a shock to nearby mobs)
    (325) Spicy Hot Talbuk (MinLvl: 65, Restores 7500 health/30 sec., +20 Hit Rating and Spirit for 30 min)
    (325) Skullfish Soup (MinLvl: 65, Restores 7200 mana/30 sec., +20 Spell Critical Strike Rating and Spirit for 30 min)
  • Enchanting: Wizard and Mana Oils now last 1 hour (up from 30 min).
    New recipe: (330) Enchant Shield – Resilience (+12 Resilience to shield)
  • Engineering: New recipes:
    (335) Adamantite Arrow Maker (Drop – Sunfury Archers, Netherstorm – Creates 5 stacks (200 ea) of Adamantite Stingers, MinLvl: 62, +43 DPS)
    (335) Adamantite Shell Machine (Vendor (Limited Supply) – Creates 5 stacks (200 ea) of Adamantite Shells, MinLvl: 62, +43 DPS)
    (350, 375) Regular and Turbo-Charged Flying Machine Controls (Trained by Niobe Whizzlespark (A) or Jonathan Garrett (H) near the respective flying mount stables in Shadowmoon Valley)
    (360) Field Repair Bot 110G (Drop – Gan’arg Analyzers, Blade’s Edge Mountains – Sells reagents and can repair damaged items for 10 min)
  • Fishing: You can now learn the “Find Fish” skill which allows tracking fish schools. The skill comes from a Weather-Beaten Journal that occasionally shows up in fished-up chests.
  • Jewelcrafting: New recipe: (365) Chaotic Skyfire Diamond (Drop – Coilskar Siren, Shadowmoon Valley – Meta Gem +12 Spell Critical & 3% Increased Critical Damage)
  • Leatherworking: Drums of Speed and Drums of Restoration are now available from the Nagrand factions (Mag’har/Kurenai) at Honored reputation and drums have been reworked to be slightly more useful.
    New recipes:
    (300) Leatherworker’s Satchel (Trainer, 20 slot Leatherworking Bag)
    (315) Knothide Quiver and Ammo Pouch (Trainer, 20 slot, +15% ranged attack speed)
    (350) Glove Reinforcements (Trainer, +240 AC to gloves)
    (350) Netherscale Ammo Pouch (Honor Hold/Thrallmar Revered, 24 slot, +15% ranged attack speed)
    (350) Quiver of a Thousand Feathers (Lower City Revered, 24 slot, +15% ranged attack speed)
    (360) Bag of Many Hides (Drop – ogres, Barrier Hills, Nagrand – 24 slot Leatherworking Bag)