Brewfest Revamped!

This year, there have been a few changes to Brewfest. As with the other recent seasons, there’s now a seasonal boss encounter, a revamping of the Coren Direbrew questline that briefly led off last Brewfest. Coren can be found in the bar in Blackrock Depths. Among some of the other changes:

  • The Dark Iron encounter is working this year, but you earn no tokens from stunning a Guzzler.
  • The Wolpertinger pet may be purchased for 50s from the token redemption vendor (no quest required)
  • Tokens have replaced tickets – unlike tickets, tokens expire. You may trade your tickets for tokens at the redemption vendor.
  • The Brewfest Ram mount handstamp is no longer available, but if you completed it last year, you can still purchase regular and swift mounts from the apprentices.
  • Quest completion for the barking quest no longer requires you to turn in the quest before time runs out; this makes the quest achievable for people on laggy systems
  • The quest for Pink Elekks has been removed.
  • A new Brewfest Hops item has been added that changes your mount into a Brewfest Ram or Kodo.
  • For 200 tokens a year, you can join a “Brew of the Month” club which will mail you a beverage once a month and allow you to purchase brews from a special vendor (located in Orgrimmar or Ironforge).

As always, you can browse our updated seasonal guide.