Patch 3.0.3 Rolls Out

In the first tuning patch for the Wrath era, Patch 3.0.3 brings some minor tweaks to Inscription and some major talent changes, particularly for druids who get a free respec. Paladins have been adjusted as well. Patch notes can be found here.

There’ve also been a number of updates since the Echoes of Doom first sounded across the land:

  • Telo has updated InfoBar and his other mods at WowInterface.Com
  • Norganna’s team has updated AuctioneerSuite and Gatherer
  • Fizzwidget has updated his FactionFriend and Feed-O-Matic mods. He’s transitioned AdSpace to a new maintainer (you can find it as Swindler Preventor at WorldOfWar.Net. And, due to changes in the Hunter pet dynamic, Hunters’ Helper is now retired.
  • The old standard Reputation has been updated for 3.0-compatibility
  • Omen has been updated to work with the new Threat interface
  • Minor updates to Decursive were necessary
  • An updated ReagentData now includes Inscription recipes through 375
  • And the useful Fishing Buddy has been updated as well.