Patch Day 3.1.2!

Patch 3.1.2 has added a bunch of small changes (as well as spurred an ongoing set of game hotfixes). Among the interesting changes for achievement hunters is that the number of mounts available at the Argent Tournament have doubled. The 100 seal mounts have gotten upgraded graphics while the original “last week’s” models are now going for 400g and 5 seals. The Argent Hippogryph mount has also had its cost reduced from 250 to 150 seals.

The item sets capability of Outfitter have been added to the base UI. Outfitter still provides added value due to its context-sensitive equipment switching. Latest version can be found here.

Other notable updates: Fishing Buddy, Swindler Preventer, Auctioneer, and

On a separate note, the new World of Warcraft Mountain Dew promotion will kick in on 29 May. If you register on the Mountain Dew Game Fuel website (here), you will allegedly get a free in-game pet.