Post 3.2 Updates

Just a quick note on the usual post-patch AddOn storm! Updated AddOns post-3.2 (for those we currently track):

Also, our Horde side alts have provided some information on the Ravasaur questline.

The Ravasaur mount is for Horde characters only, serving as the match for the Alliance’s Wintersaber mount. The Ravasaur questline consists of L53 quests, so it should be possible to begin this as early as L49. To earn the mount will take 20 days of dailies (1 quest per day); not very time-consuming except for the fact that the dailies are executed in Silithus, Un’goro, or Tanaris. Note that high-level characters will need to turn on low-level quest tracking in order to see the “!” over Mor’vek and the Venomhide Hatchling. When doing the dailies, you can use the Waygate in Sholazar Basin, the portal to the Caverns of Time in Dalaran, or the Gnomish Gadgetzan teleporter to quickly get to somewhere you can summon your hatchling. The Waygate seems to be the most efficient, since it places you near the center of the possible quests.

To begin, make your way to the Tanaris entrance to Un’goro Crater. Mor’vek the Ravasaur Trainer rides around at the edge of the Marshlands just north of the entrance (near 71.2, 73.9). Note that he’s PvP flagged, and Alliance characters seem to delight in killing him randomly. He respawns in approximately five minutes.

[53] Toxic Tolerance Mor’vek Become poisoned by Venomhide Ravasaur blood 20 times. 80s, chains to “Venomhide Eggs”
Venomhide Ravasaurs are located to the north in the Marshlands. In order to become poisoned, you have to attack; the Ravasaur then has a random chance to apply the Venomhide Poison debuff to your weapon on hit (you must use a weapon; unarmed doesn’t appear to count). High-level characters will have to reduce their attack power to avoid killing the Ravasaur too quickly. Remove the majority of your armor (to lower total bonuses) and use a low-end weapon. It can take 40-50 hits to earn the 20 debuffs, so it’s important that you don’t one shot each raptor.
[53] Venomhide Eggs Mor’vek Collect 4 Venomhide Ravasaur Eggs 80s, chains to “They Grow Up So Fast”
Venomhide eggs can be found in any of the Ravasaur eggs nests scattered around the Marshlands. The Venomhide eggs are a brighter color than the normal purple Ravasaur eggs.
[53] They Grow Up So Fast Mor’vek Collect 20 Venomhide Baby Teeth, 20 Runecloth, 20 Rugged Leather, and 80g 57s, Whistle of the Venomhide Ravasaur
You earn a tooth a day by feeding your Venomhide Hatchling in its daily quest. The Hatchling is given to you when you accept this quest. It does not count as a pet for achievement purposes. Remember to turn in the quest to the Hatchling prior to leaving the area!
Venomhide Daily Quests
[53] Poached, Scrambled, Or Raw? Venomhide Hatchling Feed it 12 Silithid Eggs 1 Venomhide Baby Tooth
The eggs are ground spawns found in the Noxious Lair in Tanaris, just northeast of the Un’goro entrance.
[53] Hungry, Hungry Hatchling Venomhide Hatchling Feed it 15 pieces of Fresh Dinosaur Meat 1 Venomhide Baby Tooth
Fresh Dinosaur Meat is dropped from any diemetradon, stegodon, or pterrordax throughout Un’goro. The area south of Fire Plume Ridge is generally a good farming spot.
[53] Gorishi Grub Venomhide Hatchling Feed it 10 Silithid Meat 1 Venomhide Baby Tooth
Silithid Meat is dropped from the Gorishi silithid mobs killed at the Slithering Scar in south-central Un’goro.
[53] Searing Roc Feathers Venomhide Hatchling Collect 5 Searing Roc Plumage 1 Venomhide Baby Tooth
The Searing Rocs can be found in the southwestern Tanaris desert, with a good concentration around the giant skeletons southeast of the Un’goro entrance (near 32.8, 60.3 and 37.1, 67.8). Roc feathers are not 100% drops, so you’re likely to have to hit both skeletons to collect the 5 needed.