Pre-Cataclysm Continues Again

The final phase of the pre-Shattering Elemental Invasion is upon us. Every few hours (2-3), elementals will launch an attack on capital cities of the Horde and the Alliance. Earth and Fire Elementals attack Ironforge and Orgrimmar. Water and Air Elementals attack Stormwind and Thunder Bluff. The Elementals are all L80, so low-level players should scoot when an attack occurs. The general outline of the event is:

  • Five minutes before an attack, Earthen Ring NPCs will call out a warning. L80 characters can help by placing Sandbags or Barricades around the town to protect townsfolk.
  • Talk to an Earthen Ring Defender to get your Earthen Ring Unbinding Totem.
  • The Elementals will trap NPCs in every district of the city; you must find them and use the Totem to free them.
  • Rifts will spawn in multiple districts. Each will spawn 32 Elementals which must be defeated to close the rift. Closing the rift results in a buff dependent on the type of Elementals defeated. Closing one rift of each type (usually requiring defending each city twice) will result in gaining the “Tripping the Rifts” achievement (if you haven’t already gotten this in the earlier phase).
  • Successfully defending a city by closing all rifts will open a rift to the hideout of an elemental lord, allowing players to queue for a boss encounter. All bosses drop a variety of Epic (item level 251) loot, approximately equal to Frost Emblem or ICC 10 gear.

WowHead has a nice listing of the drops from the four different bosses here.