The Cataclysm Is Here!

Well, at this point, almost here – thinking about leaving for a midnight launch at the local Best Buy. We’ll be feverishly updating our pages over the next couple of weeks; the Shattering changed a lot of the world, and Cata will unlock more secrets. For those who are preparing, remember that the trainers will Illustrious Grand Master you upon the midnight (PST) reset, and that Archaeology will become available (trainers are in Stormwind Library, Grommash Hold, and the Legerdemain Lounge in Dalaran). As soon as midnight clicks over, assuming you have your Cata key registered, you should gain access to the new content (also assuming you’ve been downloading the patches and haven’t just come in to this cold).

AddOns (that we track) updated so far:

Good luck and happy questing!