Midsummer Arrives!

Happy Solstice, everyone! With the official arrival of summer, the Midsummer Fire Festival returns. We’re busily updating our seasonal page as we speak, but the highlights so far:

  • Ahune has been updated to L85+ and now drops item level 353 cloaks. The Frostscythe has also been updated to 353.
  • The Satchel of Chilled Goods you get from defeating Ahune the first time each day now contains a random number of blossoms (5-15)
  • Bonfire locations have been moved around due to the Cataclysm. At least this year, they were reset as of the start of the event!
  • New neutral bonfires have been added to Earthen Ring sites (Cataclysm zones) which grant 15 blossoms when you honor them
  • The companion has not been changed, so if you’ve been craving the little ice elemental, make sure you queue for Ahune each day!
  • The Orgrimmar flame has been moved to the bluffs north of the Valley of Wisdom (next to the Tol Barad portal). Stealers should fly in from Azshara.
  • The Darnassus flame has been moved to the Warrior’s Terrace on the east side of the city.