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7 November 2010 - More AddOn Updates

With BlizzCon and the initial patch pain out of the way, most of our common AddOn set have been updated: Reputation 0.16 Ellipsis Dot Timers 2.0.1 Decursive Fishing Buddy 0.9.9a Outfitter 5.0.3 RandomPet 3.0.5b (TOC update only) Recount 4.0.1d Omen 3.0.11 (updated again since 4.0.1) Deadly Boss Mods 4.64-r4605 and Old World support v4-r204 […]

23 May 2009 - Post 3.1.2 Updates

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! A few of our watched AddOns have recent updates, including Fishing Buddy, Outfitter, Deadly Boss Mods, and the Auctioneer suite. And remember that the second round of BlizzCon tix go on sale next Saturday, 5/30. Due to the queuing system, tickets were essentially sold out within the first five minutes, so […]

21 April 2009 - Ulduar Gets Spackled – Patch 3.1.1

Patch 3.1.1 slipped out this morning, a minor maintenance release only, particularly tuning Ulduar bosses. Updated addons as of this week: Archarodim’s Decursive Slartie’s Advanced Tradeskill Window Sutorix’s Fishing Buddy Mundocani’s Outfitter Tabethial’s RandomPet Recount and Omen Fizzwidget’s Disenchant Predictor, FactionFriend, Feed-o-Matic, and Levelator (among others – complete list here) Team Norganna’s ever-useful Auctioneer and […]

14 April 2008 - Even More Post-2.4 Updates!

The post-2.4 update frenzy continues, with AddOns from: The amazing Telo has updated his suite of utilities, including InfoBar Fizzwidget has updated Levelator and Feed-o-Matic to 2.4.1, fixing minor issues Advanced Tradeskill Window has a new compatible version And so does Archarodim’s version of Decursive And the guild-maintained versions of ReagentData and Reputation have been […]

25 March 2008 - 2.4 AddOns

The addon update rush is on! Some of the first out the gate include: Gazmik Fizzwidget’s set of addons, including AdSpace, Disenchant Predictor, Faction Friend, Feed-o-Matic, Gemologist, ReagentCost, and a revamped Hunter’s Helper with a new spiffy interface Prerelease versions of Team Norganna’s Auctioneer suite as well as a promise for an updated Gatherer to […]

18 November 2007 - Zul’aman Changes

Just in time for the weekend, lots of AddOns have been updated for the new patch: Fizzwidget’s TrackMenu functionality was so good it’s now part of the 2.3 interface (so you should remove the AddOn), and he’s updated his other AddOns, including AdSpace, Disenchant Predictor, Faction Friend, Feed-o-matic, Gemologist, Hunter’s Helper, Reagent Cost, and Levelator […]

26 September 2007 - A New Sound – Welcome to Patch 2.2

Patch 2.2 has finally rolled out, bringing with it a host of changes. With any luck, the remarkably robust voice chat feature now advertised will soon be enabled. See the test realm summary article below for info about changes to reputation and recipes. 2.2-compatible AddOns have already started rolling out including: Our own ReagentData, Reputation, […]

30 June 2007 - Weekend AddOn Updates

Recent addon updates: Archarodim’s version of Decursive 2.0 has gone final. Sutorix’s Fishing Buddy was updated to fix an issue with the mod losing track of the fishing pole. And we’ve finally managed a new release of ReagentData, including the changes through the recent patch.

2 June 2007 - Still more post-2.1 news – Flight of the Phoenix

Our good friends over at Allakhazam have reported a sighting of a new phoenix elite-speed flying mount as one of the items possibly dropped by Kael’thas Sunstrider. Congrats to Korlic of Method on Sunstrider EU. Drop rate on this amazing ride is projected to be below 5%, so happy raiding! As usual, mod updates continue […]

26 May 2007 - Post 2.1 Updates and Children’s Week advice

CapnBry updated his StanceSets and WeaponQuickSwap addons to be 2.1-compatible. Norganna’s team is hard at work on Gatherer and Auctioneer (gamma versions currently available, but currently still fragile). For those currently running the new Outland Children’s Week quests, there’s a few things folks have noticed. First, because the completes all have scripted events (and pretty […]