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22 May 2007 - Patch 2.1 Rolling to a Server Near You!

Patch 2.1 is finally moving off the test servers to the real realms, which means Children’s Week, a large number of new recipes, and AddOn update trauma! Already out of the gate: Fizzwidget’s whole lineup, including AdSpace, DisenchantPredictor, FactionFriend, Feed-O-Matic, Gemologist, Hunter’s Helper, ReagentCost, and TrackMenu (among others). Guildentipper was discontinued, as its features are […]

21 April 2007 - Post Tax Day Updates

Now that the computer’s done doing the taxes, it’s time to get back to the important things in life – like World of Warcraft! Blizzard is casting the net a little wider by offering 10 day free trials of World of Warcraft and Burning Crusade in order to entice new players to try it (“just […]

13 March 2007 - AddOn News! Welcome Back, Auctioneer and Gatherer!

For those who missed it, Norganna’s team quietly updated

13 February 2007 - Patch 2.0.7, Seasonal Updates, and Cross-Checked Reagents

We double-checked the Love is in the Air seasonal page and found no major changes since last year. However, as of this morning, some characters who had done the quests last year were still having problems repeating them. Hopefully, that’ll be fixed with Patch 2.0.7, rolling out to a server near you. We’ve also been […]

6 February 2007 - The Wildhammers Check Out, More AddOn updates

As has been long rumored, the Wildhammer Clan have now dropped their standoffishness with the Alliance and are no longer a separate faction. Wildhammer quests are still available in the Hinterlands, but the Wildhammer clansdwarves are now just an Alliance-neutral faction. As a result, the Wildhammer page will be dropped from the reputation list. In […]

21 January 2007 - ReagentData enters the 2.0 era

The first post-BC version of ReagentData (at least our maintained 2.4.0 version) is now available. This has also allowed us to update the professions pages with updated item tables. Enjoy!

20 January 2007 - Post-BC Updates!

More updates following the release: Fizzwidget updated Faction Friend, Hunter’s Helper, Track Menu, ReagentCost, AdSpace, Disenchant Predictor, Feed-O-Matic, and Gemologist among others. FishingBuddy got its EasyCast and EasyLures features back. And Decursive has a new beta release (2.0b3) for the brave. Also, the previous article failed to list any Enchanting recipes that are newly available […]

9 January 2007 - Post 2.0.3 Updates!

From the list of updates we track, here are some early responders to the new patch! As noted earlier, the guild-maintained Reputation mod and a version of Eikano’s QuestLevel; an updated QuestRep and CraftInfo should be posted tonight. CapnBry’s ever-useful Weapon QuickSwap and Stance Sets Decursive is now officially broken due to changes in […]

22 December 2006 - AddOn News and More Promotional WoW TCG Cards

The busy goblins over at Fizzwidget’s have begun to merge in information from the Closed Beta. Among the updates are: Gemologist and Hunter’s Helper. Norganna’s team is still busy killing bugs in the alpha release of Auctioneer, now slated for a release early next week. Gatherer is now back burnered until next year. On the […]

10 December 2006 - More Post 2.0 Updates

Amid signs of realm instability, inconstant Arena Masters, crashing Battlegrounds, and the fact that bosses are now dropping BoP Shaman items (looks like a shard to me!), Patch 2.0 nonetheless has much to recommend it. In general, the graphics are somewhat improved and (modulo some conflicts some people have reported with their sound cards) more […]