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11 April 2012 - Noblegarden Guide updated!

Well, we’ve been resurrected and are finding our way around the universe again. Our first task was to update our Noblegarden guide which required us to do a bit of egg farming! One of our Horde brethren was kind enough to submit a screen shot of the new mount. We were hoping for a giant […]

5 July 2011 - Raging in the Firelands

A week into the new patch and the addons are beginning to catch up! Among the addons we track: Ellipsis 2.2.0 Decursive Recount 4.2 Omen 3.1.3 Deadly Boss Mods 4.92a-r6090 Fizzwidget’s Disenchant Predictor 4.2, FactionFriend 4.2.1, Feed-o-Matic 4.2, and Levelator 4.2 Reputation 0.16a Norganna’s Gatherer 3.2.4 Telos’ InfoBar

21 June 2011 - Midsummer Arrives!

Happy Solstice, everyone! With the official arrival of summer, the Midsummer Fire Festival returns. We’re busily updating our seasonal page as we speak, but the highlights so far: Ahune has been updated to L85+ and now drops item level 353 cloaks. The Frostscythe has also been updated to 353. The Satchel of Chilled Goods you […]

3 May 2011 - Children’s Week Gains a New Pet

It’s time once again to celebrate Children’s Week, with the chance to earn the affection of a young orphan, do a bit of charity work, and get your hands on a bunch of team reputation and a pet! This year, the Orgrimmar/Stormwind Orphan Matrons have added a new pet, Scooter the Snail. Due to the […]

6 February 2011 - Love is in the Air Again!

The Love is in the Air seasonal event started this morning. We’ve already updated our seasonal page (although we haven’t yet verified the coordinates of the Crown Chemical Wagons, but the general locations don’t appear to have changed). The only major upgrade is that Hummel and his cronies are now L87 elites, and the neckpieces […]

25 January 2011 - Lunar Festival Elders Updated

The explorer’s committee has updated the locations of the the Elders. The hardest one to find was the Elder in Stormwind, since the quest pointer and text currently both point to the Park – and the Park was destroyed by Deathwing. The Elder and Lunar Festival NPCs for Stormwind have moved outside the city gates […]

23 January 2011 - Happy Lunar New Year!

The Lunar Festival has started. No major changes have been observed so far this year, although some of the Elders have moved slightly to accommodate the changes in geography wrought by a certain cranky death-dragon. We’re updating our Elder list and the seasonal page (found here). Enjoy!

15 December 2010 - Old Familiar Faces…

The wonderful season of WInter Veil is once again upon us. In the midst of all the changes for Cataclysm, the old traditions still have the power to entertain us. Translated, that means that there are no significant changes to the festival this year. We will be tweaking our seasonal guide, of course. Best wishes […]

7 December 2010 - The Cataclysm Is Here!

Well, at this point, almost here – thinking about leaving for a midnight launch at the local Best Buy. We’ll be feverishly updating our pages over the next couple of weeks; the Shattering changed a lot of the world, and Cata will unlock more secrets. For those who are preparing, remember that the trainers will […]

15 November 2010 - Pre-Cataclysm Continues Again

The final phase of the pre-Shattering Elemental Invasion is upon us. Every few hours (2-3), elementals will launch an attack on capital cities of the Horde and the Alliance. Earth and Fire Elementals attack Ironforge and Orgrimmar. Water and Air Elementals attack Stormwind and Thunder Bluff. The Elementals are all L80, so low-level players should […]