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21 January 2006 - Gnomeregan liberated!

Successful Gnomeregan run by Bähn, Anasatsu, and Delving

1 January 2006 - Shadowfang Keep run!

A successful run through Shadowfang Keep with very limited blue drops

4 December 2005 - Stockades Run

Three guild members ventured into the Stormwind Stockades

19 November 2005 - Weekend Updates

Fizzwidget Add-Ons Updated, Welcome to Allene!

11 November 2005 - Deadmines Run

Congratulations on another (eventually) successful Deadmines run. Solozzo, Bähn, Benison, and Rainforest started; after Rainforest had to leave, Predetor joined and did a great job (hence the guild invite). Blue item drops included: Lavishly Jeweled Ring (Benison), Cookie’s Stirring Rod (Benison), Emberstone Staff (Bähn), Cape of the Brotherhood (Predetor), and Ironpatch Blade (Predetor). Endurance prevailed!

29 October 2005 - Deadmines Run

Congratulations to guild members Anasatsu, Bähn, and Woodwalker who ran the Deadmines last night. Blue item drops included Smite’s Hammer (Anasatsu) and Emberstone Staff (Woodwalker).