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27 September 2006 - Minor ReagentData Update; Welcome, Sbirs!

ReagentData had a minor update to 2.3.8 (fixed two recipes for the 1.12 patch). Welcome our newest member, Sbirs, a night-elf druid! Running a little behind schedule and a bit over budget, but succeeding in the long run!

5 May 2006 - Mortal Ken makes the grade!

Mortal Ken website officially listed on the professions link page

27 April 2006 - Member News

Congratulations to Muleock for reaching L300 Goblin Engineering. She will officially become our Goblin Engineering Master Crafter this week. Also, congratulations to Giltirion, the night elf with a horse, for finally reaching L60! In other news, we have been reminded that the use of anything beyond basic alphanumeric characters is inappropriate in character names (still […]

24 November 2005 - Thanksgiving Day notes

For those in the US – Happy Thanksgiving, Harvest Festival, etc. Welcome to our newest members: Turae, Hunter; Raptorwar, Warrior; Tarrex, Mage; and Keizan, Paladin Add-Ons: the CraftInfo mod just got updated with a couple of minor bug fixes (now correctly handles “Admiral’s Hat” and items where multiple items are produced for a set of […]

19 November 2005 - Weekend Updates

Fizzwidget Add-Ons Updated, Welcome to Allene!

11 November 2005 - Welcome Gingersnap, Predetor, and Onlë!

Welcome to our new members: Gingersnap, a dwarf priest recruited by Woodwalker; Predetor, a dwarf hunter recruited by Bähn; and Onlë, a gnome warrior recruited by Benison.

8 November 2005 - Welcome Rainforest

Welcome to our newest member Rainforest, a human mage recruited by Talinn.

2 November 2005 - Welcome Staran! Beware Dontpissmeoff!

Guild members are cautioned about grouping with a paladin, “Dontpissmeoff”, who ninja-looted the Blackened Defias Armor from Brünhilde in the Deadmines. Welcome to our newest member, Staran, a night elf rogue. Reputation and profession pages have been fleshed out with more information (added the Hallow’s End quests to the Alliance reputation page).

28 September 2005 - Site Updates

New member: Solozzo, a Lvl 9 Dwarf Hunter, Mining-Engineering. Welcome! Add-ons updated: Fizzwidget’s Disenchant Predictor and AdSpace 1700.5, Feed-O-Matic 1700.7; Fishing Buddy 0.8.3 Crafted item lists have been generated for the craft skills page from Jerigord (GDI)’s ReagentData 2.1.3

21 September 2005 - Site Updates

New member: Brünhilde (I love your umlaut, girl!), a Lvl 12 Human Rogue, Miner-Blacksmith. Welcome! Add-ons updated: Fizzwidget’s HuntersHelper and Feed-o-Matic 1700.3.