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24 June 2006 - Updates for 1.11 (the sequel!)

Fishing Buddy updated, Steamwheedle and Thorium pages updated

11 June 2006 - New updates, still waiting for 1.11

Fishing Buddy and Damage Meters updated

5 May 2006 - Mortal Ken makes the grade!

Mortal Ken website officially listed on the professions link page

27 April 2006 - Member News

Congratulations to Muleock for reaching L300 Goblin Engineering. She will officially become our Goblin Engineering Master Crafter this week. Also, congratulations to Giltirion, the night elf with a horse, for finally reaching L60! In other news, we have been reminded that the use of anything beyond basic alphanumeric characters is inappropriate in character names (still […]

23 November 2005 - Site updates!

Updated the tradeskill tables for Engineers, Blacksmiths, and Leatherworkers to color-code the “specialty” recipes. This should make it easier for people trying to decide which craft specialty they want to pursue. Neither tailoring nor enchanting has specialization – not that I’m bitter about that at all… (sniff, sniff). Congratulations to Delving who completed the quests […]

23 October 2005 - Talinn makes L60!

Congratulations are in order for Master Talinn, first guild member to make Level 60.

20 October 2005 - Talinn promoted to Master Crafter

Talinn (as the only Lvl 300 crafter) has been promoted to the first guild Master Crafter. This gives Master Talinn the rights and privileges of being a guild officer, including being able to gpromote new members.