Archive for September 2005

28 September 2005 - Site Updates

New member: Solozzo, a Lvl 9 Dwarf Hunter, Mining-Engineering. Welcome! Add-ons updated: Fizzwidget’s Disenchant Predictor and AdSpace 1700.5, Feed-O-Matic 1700.7; Fishing Buddy 0.8.3 Crafted item lists have been generated for the craft skills page from Jerigord (GDI)’s ReagentData 2.1.3

24 September 2005 - AddOns

Add-ons updated: Norganna’s Gatherer 2.1.1; Fizzwidget’s Adspace, Disenchant Predictor, Reagent Cost 1700.3; Feed-o-matic 1700.4.

21 September 2005 - Site Updates

New member: Brünhilde (I love your umlaut, girl!), a Lvl 12 Human Rogue, Miner-Blacksmith. Welcome! Add-ons updated: Fizzwidget’s HuntersHelper and Feed-o-Matic 1700.3.

20 September 2005 - AddOns

Add-ons updated: QuestRep 2.2; Fizzwidget’s HuntersHelper, ShoppingList, ReagentCost, DisenchantPredictor, and AdSpace 1700.2; Norganna’s Auctioneer 3.0.11, Enchantrix 2.0.4

17 September 2005 - Welcome Anasatsu!

New member: Anasatsu, a Lvl 9 Human Warrior (probably going to be Herbalist-Alchemist). Welcome!

16 September 2005 - Site Updates

Guild news: Talinn (Jeffan’s main) is our newest member. Welcome! Talinn is a Lvl 52 Night Elf Hunter and a Lvl 300 Enchanter. Add-ons updated: Fizzwidget’s Feed-o-matic has been updated to 1700.2.

13 September 2005 - Patch 1.7 news

Updated info for Patch 1.7 [notes] Spillover reputation is now capped at halfway through Exalted, allowing a much easier time for reputation questers. Add-ons updated: AggroAlert, FishingBuddy, Fizzwidget set, Gatherer, Telo’s InfoBar and SelfCast