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29 October 2005 - Deadmines Run

Congratulations to guild members Anasatsu, Bähn, and Woodwalker who ran the Deadmines last night. Blue item drops included Smite’s Hammer (Anasatsu) and Emberstone Staff (Woodwalker).

23 October 2005 - Fizzwidget updates

Add-Ons updated: Fizzwidget’s AutoCraft 1800.6 and DisenchantPredictor 1800.4

23 October 2005 - Talinn makes L60!

Congratulations are in order for Master Talinn, first guild member to make Level 60.

20 October 2005 - Talinn promoted to Master Crafter

Talinn (as the only Lvl 300 crafter) has been promoted to the first guild Master Crafter. This gives Master Talinn the rights and privileges of being a guild officer, including being able to gpromote new members.

20 October 2005 - Fizzwidget updates

Now including update links directly on this page for browsing convenience. Updates: Fizzwidget’s Shopping List, Disenchant Predictor, AdSpace, ReagentCost 1800.3

15 October 2005 - Fizzwidget updates AutoCraft

New update: Fizzwidget’s AutoCraft 1800.3 – fixes a potential lock-up bug when opening a tradeskill window

13 October 2005 - AddOns

New updates: ReagentInfo 1.5.2, FishingBuddy 0.8.4a QuestRep has also been updated to 2.5, but is still not quite working. Patched versions of Reputation and QuestRep are available until the real things are patched.

12 October 2005 - Post-1.8 AddOn updates

AddOns currently not functioning: Reputation & QuestRep are broken due to a change in GetFactionInfo() which now returns two extra arguments. We hope to have an interim MK version by tomorrow which should tide us over until the developers can fix them. After trials last night, the Reputation AddOn is still useful because the default […]

11 October 2005 - Patch Day 1.8!

Patch Day! As always, the start of many add-on updates to come. In particular, the Reputation add-on has now had its basic functionality incorporated into the core interface. Auctioneer is currently broken pending a fix to to EnhTooltip. A posted workaround is to replace the EnhTooltip.toc file with the one posted here. First responder add-ons: […]

8 October 2005 - Mortal Ken releases CraftInfo and EnchantData

Added CraftInfo and EnchantData addons, adding some extra features to ReagentData.