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24 November 2005 - Thanksgiving Day notes

For those in the US – Happy Thanksgiving, Harvest Festival, etc. Welcome to our newest members: Turae, Hunter; Raptorwar, Warrior; Tarrex, Mage; and Keizan, Paladin Add-Ons: the CraftInfo mod just got updated with a couple of minor bug fixes (now correctly handles “Admiral’s Hat” and items where multiple items are produced for a set of […]

23 November 2005 - Site updates!

Updated the tradeskill tables for Engineers, Blacksmiths, and Leatherworkers to color-code the “specialty” recipes. This should make it easier for people trying to decide which craft specialty they want to pursue. Neither tailoring nor enchanting has specialization – not that I’m bitter about that at all… (sniff, sniff). Congratulations to Delving who completed the quests […]

19 November 2005 - Weekend Updates

Fizzwidget Add-Ons Updated, Welcome to Allene!

13 November 2005 - Guild Site Comes Online

The Mortal Ken guild site has finally moved to its served location. Additional features will be added, with the new capabilities provided by the server infrastructure. The original site has been replicated here. With luck, this will provide another means for exchanging information between guild members. Suggestions and comments are welcome! Please post comments to […]

11 November 2005 - Welcome Gingersnap, Predetor, and Onlë!

Welcome to our new members: Gingersnap, a dwarf priest recruited by Woodwalker; Predetor, a dwarf hunter recruited by Bähn; and Onlë, a gnome warrior recruited by Benison.

11 November 2005 - Deadmines Run

Congratulations on another (eventually) successful Deadmines run. Solozzo, Bähn, Benison, and Rainforest started; after Rainforest had to leave, Predetor joined and did a great job (hence the guild invite). Blue item drops included: Lavishly Jeweled Ring (Benison), Cookie’s Stirring Rod (Benison), Emberstone Staff (Bähn), Cape of the Brotherhood (Predetor), and Ironpatch Blade (Predetor). Endurance prevailed!

9 November 2005 - Fizzwidget updates Hunter’s Helper

Add-ons updated: Fizzwidget’s Hunter’s Helper 1800.3.

8 November 2005 - Welcome Rainforest

Welcome to our newest member Rainforest, a human mage recruited by Talinn.

2 November 2005 - Welcome Staran! Beware Dontpissmeoff!

Guild members are cautioned about grouping with a paladin, “Dontpissmeoff”, who ninja-looted the Blackened Defias Armor from Brünhilde in the Deadmines. Welcome to our newest member, Staran, a night elf rogue. Reputation and profession pages have been fleshed out with more information (added the Hallow’s End quests to the Alliance reputation page).