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27 April 2006 - Member News

Congratulations to Muleock for reaching L300 Goblin Engineering. She will officially become our Goblin Engineering Master Crafter this week. Also, congratulations to Giltirion, the night elf with a horse, for finally reaching L60! In other news, we have been reminded that the use of anything beyond basic alphanumeric characters is inappropriate in character names (still […]

20 April 2006 - Site updates!

Profession tables updated, Darkmoon Faire page added

18 April 2006 - 1.10(.1) updates!

Updates to Fizzwidget AdSpace, Norganna’s Auctioneer, GDI’s ReagentData, and Sutorix’s FishingBuddy

16 April 2006 - Noblegarden!

Noblegarden one-day event

9 April 2006 - Auctioneer for 1.10

Auctioneer and Gatherer 2.2.2 for WoW 1.10 released

5 April 2006 - DamageMeters and Decursive updated, Auctioneer on the way

Updates: DamageMeters 4.21, Decursive 1.9.4

1 April 2006 - Happy April!

Fizzwidget updates Feedomatic and Hunter’s Helper, Fishing Buddy, CraftInfo, and Reputation as well