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30 August 2006 - Shen’dralar Rep Page Online

The reputation page for the Shen’dralar elves is now online. These are the survivors of the Azsharan Highborne who inhabit (mostly) the library of Dire Maul North. They’re kind of unique in that you can earn reputation with them via libram and book turn-ins, but there are currently no benefits to higher standing with them. […]

28 August 2006 - Blizzard Leaks Burning Crusade Talent Trees; Non-combat Pet Reference Completed

The first look at the new talent trees and added spells coming in the expansion is now available on Blizzard’s Burning Crusade townhall. Druids, Hunters, and Priests will have to wait for their preview for now. Warlocks finally get a threat reduction spell, Paladins become even tougher to kill, and Frost Mages get a combat […]

26 August 2006 - Post 1.12 Updates Continue

Decursive was updated to, hopefully fixing the problem with the new auto self-cast feature built into the WoW interface. We’ve also added a mention of the Silithyst turn-in repeatable rep quest for Cenarion rep to the Cenarion Circle page. After the initial quest (“Scouring the Desert”, given out by either General Kirika (Horde) near […]

24 August 2006 - Patch 1.12 now ganking on a server near you!

Patch 1.12 is out (patch notes, as always, are available here)! While we await the predicted honor deflation caused by cross-server Battlegrounds, spend some quality time in Silithus and the Plaguelands with brand new world PvP opportunities. The lines between the Normal (PvE) and PvP servers continue to blur. Expect the usual rush of updates […]

20 August 2006 - Bloodsails Discover the Cartel Holds a Grudge

Our Bloodsail Buccaneers page has been updated to reflect a recent change (possibly back to 1.10, but discovered in 1.11). At one time, once a character’s reputation with Booty Bay hit the “absolutely loathed” stage of 0/36000 Hated (or -42000 overall), the character no longer lost rep with Booty Bay or the spillover reputation losses […]

15 August 2006 - Temporary Item Buff Hotfix Issues

Update: A new hotfix was applied that allegedly corrects the problem with permanent item buffs being cancelled when used with temporary item buffs. However, temporary buffs now (once again) fade when zoning or logging; this undoes the previous patch fix for rogue poisons and instances. A hotfix was applied during maintenance today to allow temporary […]

12 August 2006 - Updated Reagent Data, MMORPG’s in the News

We’ve been using a “pre-release” copy of Reagent Data to generate the profession item tables. By request, we’re making it generally available from our AddOns page. Please note that the official version may still be found on This version includes all the changes through the 1.11.2 patch. In other news, there’s been an article […]

4 August 2006 - My WoW Space

The fine folks at Blizzard have chosen to combine efforts with the other cult favorite – MySpace! That’s right, you can now find WoWSpace at – lots of goodies for customizing your personal MySpace to advertise your WoW habit!

4 August 2006 - Profession Pages Updated!


1 August 2006 - Draenei Shamans and Blood Elf Paladins, part 2

The newest updates to the Burning Crusade pages list the classes for each of the new races. Draenei (Alliance) will be able to be Warriors, Paladins, Hunters, Priests, Shaman, or Mages. Blood Elves will be able to be Paladins, Hunters, Rogues, Priests, Mages, or Warlocks. While I’m sure we’ll see a huge influx of Draenei […]