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30 September 2006 - Harvest Festival Coming Soon!

Yet another new season is upon us. The Harvest Festival will run from 3-9 October, offering quests for both Alliance and Horde to honor their fallen heroes. Our seasonal page is in development here; it will be updated as soon as possible after maintenance on Tuesday.

28 September 2006 - More on Riding Skills

Update: Trauma still continues, but posters to the Customer Service Forum are getting satisfaction in some cases. Our mounts info has been updated (in the meantime) for everyone who just want to see how things work now. Our pre-patch analysis of the skill changes can still be browsed in the news archives. In the wake […]

28 September 2006 - Mount Skills Hotfix

The forums have been lively with players who had purchased a mount before they were high enough level to use it. These characters were not given the new riding skill and so, in effect, would have to pay double for their mounts. Blizzard intends to fix this for all concerned (nice to see customer service […]

28 September 2006 - Miscellaneous Info Links Added

Visitors to our home or news pages will notice a new “Misc Info” set of links under the toolbar at the top of the page. This will hopefully provide a simple means of accessing some of the other informational pages that have been developed that aren’t directly related to the guild’s crafting/reputation focus. Initially, the […]

27 September 2006 - Burning Crusade Beta “Coming Soon”

Blizzard is beginning to coordinate the closed beta-test phase for the new expansion. Invites have been sent out to select raiding guilds across the servers asking for 25 volunteers (primarily to get experienced raid groups to test the new 25-player content). Blizzard’s Tseric posted the following: The players we plan to invite to the closed […]

27 September 2006 - Minor ReagentData Update; Welcome, Sbirs!

ReagentData had a minor update to 2.3.8 (fixed two recipes for the 1.12 patch). Welcome our newest member, Sbirs, a night-elf druid! Running a little behind schedule and a bit over budget, but succeeding in the long run!

26 September 2006 - Patch 1.12.1 Released

Update: It was pointed out that the online patch notes includes an extra entry: General The riding skill has been changed. A riding skill of 75 is now needed to ride level 40 mounts and a skill of 150 for level 60 mounts. Those that already have mounts will automatically be granted the appropriate level […]

23 September 2006 - Riding Skill Changes in Patch 1.12.1

Although the description was left out of the last set of patch notes, Blizzard’s Drysc posted the following to the forums: There will be effectively two riding skill levels, apprentice and journeyman. The cost for the riding skill will be significantly higher than it previously was, however this is offset by a drastically lower cost […]

20 September 2006 - Garona Early Morning Downtime

Garona is one of the (many) realms scheduled for a(nother) rolling restart Thursday morning (9/21, 5:00 am PDT; 7:00 am Server Time). Downtime is only scheduled to be 30 minutes.

11 September 2006 - Garona Scheduled for 36 Hour Downtime

Per the official word in the forums, Garona will be taken down tonight for 36 hours (midnight Tuesday morning until noon on Wednesday). This is a hardware upgrade, increasing the capability of the server hardware for the increased demands of the expansion. With any luck, we will see reduced lag and better realm stability in […]