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7 September 2006 - Auctioneer 3.8 released! And a Public Service Announcement about Keyloggers.

Team Norganna has released Patch 1.12 compatible versions of the Auctioneer Pack and Gatherer. Public Safety Annoucement: Eyonix posted the following warning to the WoW main page: Keylogger Scams and Account Security(Eyonix, 9/6/2006) We’d like to make the community aware of a recent account-theft scam that is being circulated through email, game forums, in-game chat, […]

5 September 2006 - Reputation guides updated

Long weekends without a broadband connection means the Battleground faction and Gelkis/Magram Centaur reputation pages were finally drafted. With the defrocking of the Revantusk Tribe, this means the guild Reputation Compendium is now fully populated (still evolving, unless Blizzard ever stops changing things…not likely, I’m afraid). The expansion will add the Exodar and Silvermoon factions […]