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23 October 2006 - Collector’s Edition Status

The Burning Crusade Collector’s Edition is now once again sold out at both EBGames.Com and Amazon.Com. BestBuy.Com may have stock. If you live near a Best Buy store, they typically reserve stock of these limited edition items for a midnight prerelease event. However, note that several industry sources are now predicting the edition will be […]

22 October 2006 - Loot Card Info for WoW:TCG

Upper Deck Entertainment has released info about the Loot cards for the upcoming World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. These cards are rare variants of normal trading cards which will have a code for in-game items. The first edition (Heroes of Azeroth) includes three Loot cards: a red tabard, a baby hippogryph vanity pet, and […]

20 October 2006 - Burning Crusade Updates

Thanks to our roving reporter on Hellfire, we updated the Burning Crusade page with a map of Silvermoon City. We’ve also started to flesh out the Silvermoon reputation page. Most importantly, there is indeed a Cloth Quartermaster near the Tailoring trainer in Silvermoon City, so Runecloth fiends will be able to buy their way to […]

17 October 2006 - Burning Crusade Collector’s Edition Sells Out at Amazon

The Collector’s Edition is now marked as “Sold Out” at Amazon.Com. It is possible that additional stock may be available; your best bet is to click the “Alert Me” button on the item page and check back frequently. We will also update the Burning Crusade page if other vendors show these available for order.

16 October 2006 - Beta Professions Info Updated

We just updated our Burning Crusade info page with reports from our intrepid beta scouts. In particular, we’ve greatly expanded our professions change list and put out the working draft of the jewelcrafting page. More screenshots and information will be posted as they become available! A heartfelt ‘thank you’ goes out to our scouts (tinged […]

5 October 2006 - Burning Crusade Collector’s Edition Announced

Update: Amazon.Com now lists the Collector’s Edition with a preorder price of $59.99 and an estimated ship date of 11/30 with free SuperSaver shipping! Update: The link to the Burning Crusade Collector’s Edition has been dropped from the EB Games site. We’ll repost it when it reappears. For reference, the EB Games product ID was […]

1 October 2006 - World of Warcraft Meets South Park

Oh my G*d – they ganked Kenny! In a long-awaited meeting of cultural icons, the kids of South Park must defeat a mad gamer to save the World of Warcraft in this week’s episode of South Park’s 10th season (production #1008, “Make Love, Not Warcraft”). Watch the trailer here. The episode airs on Comedy Central […]