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24 November 2006 - Shopping Coupons

Just a quick note that one of our sponsors (Gamestop/EBGames.Com) has offered readers a coupon for an extra 5% off PC and video games and accessories. Just use the code “5OFF” at checkout. This is good until 28 November. Happy shopping!

23 November 2006 - Reputation Changes on the Test Realms

While researching profession changes, our intrepid scouts found some interesting changes related to reputation and quests. Quest reputation gains have greatly increased. Quests which originally yielded ~100 rep now give 250. Originally, we thought this was just a boost for beta, but apparently this is tied in with Blizzard’s stated desire to reduce the amount […]

19 November 2006 - PTR Reports – New Recipes for All

A quick trip through the somewhat unstable Test-PvE server has revealed that the 2.0.1 content patch includes the profession changes from the Burning Crusade expansion. Even those who don’t purchase the expansion will see substantial changes. In addition to the 301-375 level recipes, a few recipes have been added at lower skill levels, primarily available […]

16 November 2006 - Public Test Realms meet the Burning Crusade!

The Public Test Realms have relaunched with version 2.0.1 – the Burning Crusade engine. All the game mechanic changes that have been part of the expansion are now in. This means that the engine itself is nearly “done”, with (mostly) only the new content still under refinement. It’s a good sign for Blizzard making the […]

3 November 2006 - Burning Crusade “sub-site” online

Thanks to all our contributors (and our hard-working Closed Beta field agents), we’re starting to update the site with information from the forthcoming expansion. Check out the updated beta page! New in this update: profession-reputation matrix, skeleton reputation pages for many of the new factions, and updated recipes for blacksmithing, enchanting, and jewelcrafting. More updates […]