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22 December 2006 - AddOn News and More Promotional WoW TCG Cards

The busy goblins over at Fizzwidget’s have begun to merge in information from the Closed Beta. Among the updates are: Gemologist and Hunter’s Helper. Norganna’s team is still busy killing bugs in the alpha release of Auctioneer, now slated for a release early next week. Gatherer is now back burnered until next year. On the […]

16 December 2006 - Reputation Still Paying Out for Greys

Since the 2.0.1 patch, even grey quests are paying out full reputation rewards (this may make grinding Silvermoon or Exodar rep less unreasonable once the expansion comes out). This includes repeatable rep quests. Also, as previously noted, many “non-trivial” quests are paying out substantially more (starting area quests have been found which pay out 500 […]

14 December 2006 - Honor Bound

After Tuesday’s maintenance cycle, our intrepid PvPers noticed that bonus honor rewards from the Battlegrounds has been reduced by 30%. Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch both yield a maximum of 140 bonus honor (previously 200). Alterac Valley has also been scaled back, with the base honor reward dropping to 14 bonus honor (previously 20); a […]

10 December 2006 - More Post 2.0 Updates

Amid signs of realm instability, inconstant Arena Masters, crashing Battlegrounds, and the fact that bosses are now dropping BoP Shaman items (looks like a shard to me!), Patch 2.0 nonetheless has much to recommend it. In general, the graphics are somewhat improved and (modulo some conflicts some people have reported with their sound cards) more […]

8 December 2006 - Updates Continue to Rain in Aftermath of “Storm”

New Add-On updates are coming out quickly, thanks in part to the extensive Test Realm and beta support of the mod authors. New updates: CapnBry’s Weapon Quick Swap was updated; his Stance Sets mod still has a major bug (unable to use weapon buffs). The latest Decursive works with the limited functionality allowed to such […]

5 December 2006 - Patch Day! Storm-y Weather Ahead!

Patch 2.0 (Before the Storm) is rolling out as we speak. Hopefully, you’ve used the Background Downloader (set from the Options button on the Launcher interface) to pull this 450+M patch ahead of time. Because this is basically the Burning Crusade engine, much of the work and research done for the beta test will become […]

1 December 2006 - ‘Tis the (Patch) Season!

The word is out that next week Tuesday will mark the roll out of the 2.0 patch. As previously noted, this will begin to set up the engine changes required for the Burning Crusade expansion. This includes a revamp of the Honor system. Since maintenance will start at 1:00 am next week Tuesday, it is […]