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23 January 2007 - Patch Day!

Patch 2.0.6 was posted today as part of daily maintenance. The interface number remains “20003”, so any mods that were already current will still be fine. Remember that you will have to check the “Load Out-of-date AddOns” check box from the AddOns screen for everything else. The patch notes are attached.

21 January 2007 - ReagentData enters the 2.0 era

The first post-BC version of ReagentData (at least our maintained 2.4.0 version) is now available. This has also allowed us to update the professions pages with updated item tables. Enjoy!

20 January 2007 - Post-BC Updates!

More updates following the release: Fizzwidget updated Faction Friend, Hunter’s Helper, Track Menu, ReagentCost, AdSpace, Disenchant Predictor, Feed-O-Matic, and Gemologist among others. FishingBuddy got its EasyCast and EasyLures features back. And Decursive has a new beta release (2.0b3) for the brave. Also, the previous article failed to list any Enchanting recipes that are newly available […]

15 January 2007 - Patch 2.0.5 For Clearer Vision, New Recipes Available for All

Patch 2.0.5 client was deployed, primarily providing hooks to allowed tweaking the GLFaster settings to avoid screen distortion. In other post-2.0 news, the Wildhammer Clan faction was scaled back in Azeroth. The one repeatable reputation quest (RRQ) to turn in the Troll Necklaces was removed. The Wildhammer area quests still yield some reputation rewards and […]

12 January 2007 - Patch 2.0.4 Sneaks Out!

This is a minor patch with no patch notes to speak of. AddOns that were already current as of 2.0.3 do not need to have their interface string updated (in other words, they aren’t flagged out-of-date). Continuing the updates from 2.0.3: Fizzwidget’s Feed-O-Matic was updated to fix several issues with 2.0.3 A new Fishing Buddy […]

9 January 2007 - Post 2.0.3 Updates!

From the list of updates we track, here are some early responders to the new patch! As noted earlier, the guild-maintained Reputation mod and a version of Eikano’s QuestLevel; an updated QuestRep and CraftInfo should be posted tonight. CapnBry’s ever-useful Weapon QuickSwap and Stance Sets Decursive is now officially broken due to changes in […]

9 January 2007 - Patch 2.0.3 Ships!

EBgames is running a sweepstakes, with the chance to win a Collector’s Edition. Sign up here! Various Gamestop (EBGames) (list) stores and Best Buy (list) stores have already announced their midnight openings for next week. Tidying up a few loose ends before the expansion ships, patch 2.0.3 was deployed as part of the weekly maintenance. […]

2 January 2007 - Happy New Year!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. And a happy 2 weeks until the expansion ships [crosses fingers]. We’ve updated many of our reputation pages with post-2.0 information (had a lot of fun running old quests this past weekend!). Also, the WoW:TCG page was updated because a number of magazines included promotional cards […]