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16 February 2007 - Happy Lunar Festival!

We spent a busy morning running over the Lunar Festival quests. Unfortunately, none of the quests (including the Elder coins) appear to be repeatable as of this morning. Patch 2.0.8 (which addressed primarily the Arena end stats screen) did not appear to have any changes for the festival. The principal Festival changes since last year […]

13 February 2007 - Patch 2.0.7, Seasonal Updates, and Cross-Checked Reagents

We double-checked the Love is in the Air seasonal page and found no major changes since last year. However, as of this morning, some characters who had done the quests last year were still having problems repeating them. Hopefully, that’ll be fixed with Patch 2.0.7, rolling out to a server near you. We’ve also been […]

6 February 2007 - The Wildhammers Check Out, More AddOn updates

As has been long rumored, the Wildhammer Clan have now dropped their standoffishness with the Alliance and are no longer a separate faction. Wildhammer quests are still available in the Hinterlands, but the Wildhammer clansdwarves are now just an Alliance-neutral faction. As a result, the Wildhammer page will be dropped from the reputation list. In […]

3 February 2007 - Annora serves up more recipes!

As promised, we finally made a run through the back door of Uldaman to visit our old friend Annora. As expected, she has a few more recipes to offer – all of them formerly drops. If you haven’t picked these up yet, she might be worth a visit! Thanks to guild member Anasatsu and member-emeritus […]