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21 April 2007 - Site Updates

We added coverage of the new WoW:TCG Dark Portal expansion to our WoW:TCG page. Included in the new set are three new Loot cards – another vanity pet (Bananas the baby gorilla), a magic 8-ball imp, and (just in time for summer) a picnic cookout set. As with the previous set, the codes are available […]

21 April 2007 - Post Tax Day Updates

Now that the computer’s done doing the taxes, it’s time to get back to the important things in life – like World of Warcraft! Blizzard is casting the net a little wider by offering 10 day free trials of World of Warcraft and Burning Crusade in order to entice new players to try it (“just […]

4 April 2007 - Patch Day!

Patch 2.0.12 slipped out yesterday with no major impacts. The interface number remains 200003 and the priests and druids remain nerfed (sorry!).