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29 May 2007 - Capturing a Firefly

For those who happen to be grinding Bogflare Needlers in northern Zangarmarsh, be on the lookout for a new dropped pet! A Firefly (“Still flying…”) can be summoned by a Captured Firefly (rare drop). Drop rates seems to be about 1% from current reports. Observant fans will catch the reference to the short-lived SF series.

26 May 2007 - Post 2.1 Updates and Children’s Week advice

CapnBry updated his StanceSets and WeaponQuickSwap addons to be 2.1-compatible. Norganna’s team is hard at work on Gatherer and Auctioneer (gamma versions currently available, but currently still fragile). For those currently running the new Outland Children’s Week quests, there’s a few things folks have noticed. First, because the completes all have scripted events (and pretty […]

22 May 2007 - Patch 2.1 Rolling to a Server Near You!

Patch 2.1 is finally moving off the test servers to the real realms, which means Children’s Week, a large number of new recipes, and AddOn update trauma! Already out of the gate: Fizzwidget’s whole lineup, including AdSpace, DisenchantPredictor, FactionFriend, Feed-O-Matic, Gemologist, Hunter’s Helper, ReagentCost, and TrackMenu (among others). Guildentipper was discontinued, as its features are […]

22 May 2007 - Blizzard Worldwide Invitational Vanity Pet

New redemption NPCs have appeared in Shattrath’s Lower City, Ironforge, and Orgrimmar on the Test Realms. The pig farmers raise special Golden Pigs for those who have a code from the recent Blizzard Worldwide Invitational which was held this past weekend in Seoul, Korea. These basically use the piglet model (made so popular by the […]

17 May 2007 - More From the Test Realms

Our scouts on the test realms have been hard at work scoping out Patch 2.1. Updated recipe tables and a new ReagentData will be rolling out this weekend (just finishing up entering all the new Jewelcrafting recipes!). First cut versions of our Ashtongue Deathsworn, Netherwing, Ogri’la, and Sha’tari Skyguard pages are up. There are 2 […]

3 May 2007 - Whither Children’s Week?

21 May Update: The patch notes for the latest test realm patch now list Children’s Week as a feature, and the event calendar now lists Children’s Week as occuring when Patch 2.1 goes live. Stay tuned! Children’s Week has been moved to “TBD” on the main event calendar. Allegedly, an expanded Children’s Week is being […]