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27 August 2007 - The Word from the Test Realm – 2.2 Preview

Our intrepid adventurers have been scouring the Test Realm for interesting news. You’ve doubtless heard about the improved graphics, voice chat, and (for Mac users only!) movie capture. On the reputation and recipe front, we’ve found a few bits of info (we’ll be updating the recipe tables with the changes as we move towards the […]

3 August 2007 - Blizzcon 2007 Kicks Off! Arthas Looking for L80 Victims!

Our intrepid compatriots have beamed back news and gossip from Blizzcon 2007. Among the highlights: StarCraft II’s US launch! Previously announced at the Worldwide Invitational, StarCraft II expands the franchise with more real-time sim intensity Lots of cool swag for sale, including motivational posters First look at the new World of Warcraft expansion – Wrath […]