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29 September 2007 - Site Updates!

The Timbermaw, Argent Dawn, and Cenarion Circle reputation pages have been updated for Patch 2.2. These factions have had their reputation gains doubled across the board – quests and kills both earn double the rep. In seasonal news, the Harvest Festival is back through this weekend. The one main quest (yielding 500 Alliance/Horde rep) appears […]

26 September 2007 - A New Sound – Welcome to Patch 2.2

Patch 2.2 has finally rolled out, bringing with it a host of changes. With any luck, the remarkably robust voice chat feature now advertised will soon be enabled. See the test realm summary article below for info about changes to reputation and recipes. 2.2-compatible AddOns have already started rolling out including: Our own ReagentData, Reputation, […]