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18 November 2007 - Zul’aman Changes

Just in time for the weekend, lots of AddOns have been updated for the new patch: Fizzwidget’s TrackMenu functionality was so good it’s now part of the 2.3 interface (so you should remove the AddOn), and he’s updated his other AddOns, including AdSpace, Disenchant Predictor, Faction Friend, Feed-o-matic, Gemologist, Hunter’s Helper, Reagent Cost, and Levelator […]

14 November 2007 - The Gods of Zul’Aman Goes Live

Patch 2.3 has hit the live servers. Stay tuned for updates and impacts (and AddOn patching!). Among the most dramatic changes for crafting are: Elimination of Journeyman, Expert, and Artisan trainers. All capital cities have a Master-class trainer who can train up to 300 skill – no more Uldaman runs for you enchanters! All trainers […]