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25 March 2008 - 2.4 AddOns

The addon update rush is on! Some of the first out the gate include: Gazmik Fizzwidget’s set of addons, including AdSpace, Disenchant Predictor, Faction Friend, Feed-o-Matic, Gemologist, ReagentCost, and a revamped Hunter’s Helper with a new spiffy interface Prerelease versions of Team Norganna’s Auctioneer suite as well as a promise for an updated Gatherer to […]

25 March 2008 - Sunwell (Re)opens for Business!

Patch 2.4.0, the Fury of the Sunwell, is now downloading to a client near you. This introduces the new Sunwell Isle area, with lots of new quests and new 5- and 25-player instances. New neutral faction: Shattered Sun Offensive with a new set of daily quests (and an increase in the daily quest limit to […]