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13 August 2008 - Statement from Mike Morhaime

(Cross-posted from BlizzCon.Com) Blizzard Gamers, On behalf of everyone at Blizzard, I want to apologize for the challenges and frustrations you experienced while trying to purchase BlizzCon tickets on Monday and Tuesday. BlizzCon is about the positive experiences you all have had with Blizzard games. As a result of this week’s events, the excitement that […]

12 August 2008 - BlizzCon 2008 Sold Out!

The Blizzard Store servers came online today at approximately 12:50 pm (PST). By some accounts, approximately 14,000 tickets were sold in fifteen minutes. Approximately another 1000 tickets were released for sale at 8 pm (PST) and were sold out within minutes as well. So for those of you who believed the line “There are still […]

10 August 2008 - BlizzCon 2008 Tickets Go On Sale!

BlizzCon 2008 tickets go on sale 11 August (official site) for $100 (US). The convention runs from 10-11 October at the Anaheim Convention Center in California (across the street from that other commercial icon, Disneyland). The goody bags this year will contain the code for a WoW in-game polar bear mount complete with a murloc […]

8 August 2008 - Olympics Season!

What better way to commemorate the Olympic Games than with a new vanity pet? Our friends at Blizzard have launched the new Spirit of Competition seasonal event, currently planned to repeat every two years tied to the Summer Olympics. This is primarily a Battleground event. Participating in the Battlegrounds yields a Competitor’s Tabard. Winning a […]