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26 October 2008 - The Scourge Invasion Returns!

The Scourge are once again invading. At first, conspicuous supply crates began turning up at various port cities. These resulted in a release of the Scourge plague that turned nearby characters into zombies. Now, the invasion is occurring in full force as Arthas begins to marshal his forces in Northrend. Our seasonal page is being […]

18 October 2008 - Hallow’s End Returns

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Hallow’s End season is upon us. So far, we haven’t noticed any significant changes over last year, but keep in mind that there are now Achivements tied to this season, which you can find under the “World Events” tab of your Achievements window. Our seasonal guide is available […]

15 October 2008 - Patch Updates (Round 1)

The gratitude of many goes to those first out of the gate with 3.0-compatible patches! The indefatigable Fizzwidget’s Disenchant Predictor 3.0.1, Faction Friend 3.0, Feed-O-Matic 3.0.2, Levelator 3.0 Norganna’s team’s Auctioneer Suite 5.1.3613 and Gatherer 3.1.4 (Note that Gather 3.1.4 is a required update due to changes in the size of EPL and Stormwind. Forcing […]

15 October 2008 - Echoes of Doom Launches!

Patch 3.0.2 has dropped in all its 1 gigabyte glory. This updates the game to the Wrath of the Lich King engine, including the updated talent trees and game mechanics. Talent points have been reimbursed and will need to be respent. The Wrath talent tree calculators can be found here. Look for updates to popular […]