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23 November 2008 - WoW Turns Four! Celebrate the Achievement!

This is the fourth anniversary of the World of Warcraft. To celebrate, the Blizzard developers have added the Achievement “WoW’s 4th Anniversary,” a Feat of Strength that just requires you to log in during the day. Make sure to log in with all your characters, as there’s a special present as well! Did you know […]

5 November 2008 - Patch 3.0.3 Rolls Out

In the first tuning patch for the Wrath era, Patch 3.0.3 brings some minor tweaks to Inscription and some major talent changes, particularly for druids who get a free respec. Paladins have been adjusted as well. Patch notes can be found here. There’ve also been a number of updates since the Echoes of Doom first […]