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30 April 2009 - Children’s Week Begins!

Children’s Week begins tomorrow morning! Our Children’s Week page has been updated with the latest achievement info. No major changes in the rewards for this year, which marks the third anniversary of the the creation of the Outland Children’s Week observance (thus, the first year we can qualify for the Veteran Nanny achievement). No changes […]

26 April 2009 - Noblegarden is Here!

Noblegarden is officially in full swing. Our seasonal page has been updated here. Happy hopping!

25 April 2009 - Argent Tournament Page Published

Thanks to everyone who reviewed the draft and contributed! Our Argent Tournament page is finally posted. 28 days to Exalted Argent Champion! This is also a source of 6 new pets (per team – you should be able to get 11 of the 12 pets with careful neutral AHing) and 5 new mounts (again, per […]

21 April 2009 - Ulduar Gets Spackled – Patch 3.1.1

Patch 3.1.1 slipped out this morning, a minor maintenance release only, particularly tuning Ulduar bosses. Updated addons as of this week: Archarodim’s Decursive Slartie’s Advanced Tradeskill Window Sutorix’s Fishing Buddy Mundocani’s Outfitter Tabethial’s RandomPet Recount and Omen Fizzwidget’s Disenchant Predictor, FactionFriend, Feed-o-Matic, and Levelator (among others – complete list here) Team Norganna’s ever-useful Auctioneer and […]

16 April 2009 - Noblegarden Scheduled!

Noblegarden is coming your way for a week beginning on the morning of Sunday, 26 April, and lasting until the following Saturday. This means it overlaps the start of Children’s Week by one day. We’ll be updating our Noblegarden seasonal page as soon as it hits! See you in Un’Goro 🙂 Update: Noblegarden’s back to […]

14 April 2009 - Ulduar Is Here!

Happy Patch Day! As might be expected, a patch this large will have updates coming for a bit. All classes will get a free talent respec, due to the new dual-spec support and major talent changes (dual-spec becomes available at L40). Also, some new abilities have been added, so make sure to visit your trainers […]