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5 August 2009 - Post 3.2 Updates

Just a quick note on the usual post-patch AddOn storm! Updated AddOns post-3.2 (for those we currently track): Deadly Boss Mods 4.23-r1351 ReagentData 2.6.0 Fishing Buddy 0.9.8b Outfitter 4.8b6 RandomPet 3.0.5a Recount 3.2e Omen 3.0.8 Advanced Tradeskill Window 0.7.7 Fizzwidget’s AddOns, including: Disenchant Predictor, Faction Friend, Feed-O-Matic, Levelator, and Linkerator Norganna’s Gatherer 3.1.14 Recount 3.2a […]

4 August 2009 - The Crusader Calls – Will You Answer?

Patch 3.2 – Call of the Crusader – dropped today. As usual, you can find the patch notes here. The Call includes a new battleground, new 5-player and raid instances, expanded dailies, and – for those still chasing the achievement – new mounts and companions. AddOns updated so far: Deadly Boss Mods Reputation We’ve updated […]