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22 September 2009 - Patch 3.2.2 – The Brood Mother Returns!

If you haven’t gotten your Onyxia achievement yet, it will be a bit more challenging and rewarding. Onyxia has been revamped as a 10/25 L80 raid, with upgraded loot including a (very rare) 310% speed flying mount! Some minor changes were made to Battleground queueing and daily quests. Other than that, expect the usual tweaks […]

20 September 2009 - Brewfest Begins!

Brewfest 2009 is here! New this year are: Coren Direbrew and his drops have been upgraded to L80 (drops are item level 200 epics equivalent to 40 Emblem of Heroism equipment) An “Equally Attractive Non-Alcoholic” means of enjoying the festivities – Synthebrew Goggles that let you be drunk only while wearing them! A new Pint-Sized […]

19 September 2009 - Happy Pirates’ Day!

In celebration of International Talk Like A Pirate Day, the Dread Captain DeMeza has once again sailed into Booty Bay on the stroke of midnight. All day on the 19th, those who wish to share a drink with her will gain a 12 hour pirate costume that persists even through death and flight points! See […]