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23 November 2009 - Restarts Hotfix Pilgrim’s Bounty Event

This morning’s restart appears to have fixed the broken Bountiful Tables in various capital cities, allowing completion of the achievements for the Pilgrim’s Bounty seasonal event.

22 November 2009 - WoW’s 5th Anniversary

Just a reminder that WoW is celebrating its 5th Anniversary on 22 November. Characters who log on during this day will receive the “Wow’s Fifth Anniversary” achievement and a Onyxian Whelpling companion pet! The pet is account bound, so only your “achievement hound” characters need to log in, but make sure at least one of […]

22 November 2009 - Pilgrim’s Bounty is Here!

This year marks the first appearance of Pilgrim’s Bounty, a holiday season loosely based on the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. Completing all the achievements grants a “Pilgrim” title and a Plump Turkey vanity pet! In addition, the season introduces five new recipes for those having trouble collecting enough for the cooking achievements. As usual, the hard-working […]

4 November 2009 - Paying for Pets

Blizzard has added in-game companion pets to the Collectibles section of the Blizzard Store. These pets currently cost $10 (US) and are distributed via a key code. You may redeem the key code with all current or future characters for one account (what a bargain!). You can also send the key code as a gift […]

1 November 2009 - Dawn of the Dead

The Day of the Dead is here! This new festival includes a (sadly temporary) Macabre Marionette pet and, of course, an achievement to earn. Day of the Dead info can be found together with our Hallow’s End seasonal info. Remember to use the Orange Marigold (or a handy warlock’s Detect Invisibility spell) in order to […]