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23 February 2010 - Blizzard Store Adds Plush Pets!

The Blizzard Store just added two plush pets, a Gryphon Hatchling and a Wind Rider Cub. Both plush dolls are about 8.5″ tall and come with a code that can be used for an account-bound in-game pet!

14 February 2010 - Lunar Festival Dawns

The Lunar Festival is once again upon us. So far, we haven’t noticed any substantive changes (Omen is upscaled to L80, of course). Visit our Lunar Festival seasonal page, with printer-friendly Lunar Elder list! And happy Lunar New Year to all!

13 February 2010 - Ashen Verdict Coverage Added (Finally!)

We’ve finally put the finishing touches to our Ashen Verdict coverage. We plead limited access to ICC, mostly because we’ve been tied up with the recent seasonal updates. Enjoy!

7 February 2010 - Love is in the Air Again!

The Love is in the Air season was completely reworked this year. Rather than a despondent Forsaken apothecary and his ghostly wife, the culprits this year are the Venture Co., nemesis of the Steamwheedle Cartel. Their “Crown Chemical Co.” is up to no good, and you have the chance to stop them! Our seasonal coverage […]