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20 September 2010 - Hoist an Old Stein to Brewfest

Brewfest is upon us, virtually unchanged from last season (when it got its big L80 update). As with Ahune, you can queue for the Direbrew boss encounter and will earn 2 Emblems of Frost (and the rare loot bag) the first time you queue. You can also get there via Direbrew’s Remote (if you build […]

16 September 2010 - Harvest Season Begins

As we head out of summer (and the Cataclysm begins to fill your hard disk in the background), remember the upcoming seasonal events! The Harvest Festival (16-22 September) provides a great source of free food and drink and a nice bit of lore-based questing (starting in Ironforge or Orgrimmar). Pirate’s Day (19 September) celebrates the […]

11 September 2010 - Shades of the Cataclysm – Liberate Gnomeregan and the Echo Isles!

As anticipation builds towards the Cataclysm, the troll and gnome nations finally strike to reclaim their homelands. Tired of subsisting in exile in Ironforge or Durotar, the armies of these nations are on the move – and you can be a part! The new Alliance questline, Operation: Gnomeregan, starts with High Tinker Mekkatorque in the […]