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23 October 2010 - BlizzCon Day Two!

Another BlizzCon draws to a close. Day Two was much like Day One, although with a noticeably reduced costume contingent. There were several key Q&As on the WoW front, including some interesting exchanges on class mechanics and balance. We spent much of our time in the Diablo III and Cataclysm demo areas, although at least […]

22 October 2010 - BlizzCon Day One!

We’ve come to the end of BlizzCon Day One, and a fine time was had by all guild members and our 17,000 closest friends. Among other things, the keynote announced that subscribers would be able to preorder Cataclysm directly from Blizzard and download the updated game files. This would allow players access to the new […]

14 October 2010 - Earning Points

For those who are interested, here’s the current point rewards: Heroic Lich King dungeons yield 16 Justice Points per boss (was 1 Emblem of Triumph) First Heroic Random of the day yields a bonus 23 Justice Points (was 2 Emblem of Frost) First Regular Random of the day yields a bonus 12 Justice Points (was […]

12 October 2010 - A New Day (Sort of) Dawns

Patch 4.0.1 is slowly bloating to completion. The official patch notes page hasn’t been updated yet, but you should be able to review our local copy here. You may also want to check out WowHead’s comprehensive Cataclysm Systems Guide. Good luck and good hunting, all! Mastery has been added as a new item stat, and […]

10 October 2010 - BlizzCon 2010 60-hour Presale!

Those who managed to buy BlizzCon tickets this year can get in on a merchandise presale that might cut down a little on those lines at the convention itself. The sale is running from 10 am Sunday, 10/10, until midnight Tuesday, 10/12 (Pacific Time). A second presale will begin 10 am Wednesday, 10/13 until 10 […]