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15 November 2010 - Pre-Cataclysm Continues Again

The final phase of the pre-Shattering Elemental Invasion is upon us. Every few hours (2-3), elementals will launch an attack on capital cities of the Horde and the Alliance. Earth and Fire Elementals attack Ironforge and Orgrimmar. Water and Air Elementals attack Stormwind and Thunder Bluff. The Elementals are all L80, so low-level players should […]

9 November 2010 - Pre-Cataclysm Continues…

The next phase of the pre-Cataclysm event has begun, probably lasting a week. This adds a short questline to give you the warm fuzzy feeling that the Earthen Ring is actually on top of things. The Alliance quest gives a bit of foreshadowing of King Magni’s future. “Brann … did mention something about becoming one […]

7 November 2010 - More AddOn Updates

With BlizzCon and the initial patch pain out of the way, most of our common AddOn set have been updated: Reputation 0.16 Ellipsis Dot Timers 2.0.1 Decursive Fishing Buddy 0.9.9a Outfitter 5.0.3 RandomPet 3.0.5b (TOC update only) Recount 4.0.1d Omen 3.0.11 (updated again since 4.0.1) Deadly Boss Mods 4.64-r4605 and Old World support v4-r204 […]

4 November 2010 - Tripping the Rift…

Every hour or so, elemental rifts are spawning throughout the known worlds (yes, including Outland and Northrend). What makes these interesting is that closing a rift (by killing the elementals it spawns) yields a buff and a daily turn-in (“Hammering It Out”, yielding 22,050 xp/13.63g at L80). If you manage to close rifts of all […]

2 November 2010 - New Pre-Shattering Questline Opens!

The Twilight’s Hammer cult is on the move across Azeroth. Doomsayers are recruiting followers, and Stormwind and Orgrimmar are threatened. A new questline to scout out the cult begins at Erunak Stonespeaker near the Stormwind Bank and Captain Anton in Stormwind Keep. For the Horde, Earthmender Norsala and Blood Guard Torek are both standing near […]