Pet Bestiary

Pets are yet another way to develop your character in the world of Azeroth. Hunters and Warlocks are able to capture or summon companions to share their journeys and even assist in battle ("combat pets"). For everyone else, options for combat pets are limited, but everyone can benefit from non-combat pets! From the gnome rogue who wants a chicken to the orc hunter who wants a worg pup to match his mount and combat pet, non-combat pets make your character more individual for the cost of an item slot. Many of the pets have an additional (randomly performed) animated behavior, just to add even more character (as an example, all cat pets will occasionally stretch).

So where can you get yourself a wonderful and low maintenance companion?

Purchased Pets

Some pets may be purchased from vendors. These are generally Bind on Equip, and so may be sold or traded. This is especially important because most of the vendors are faction-specific. For an Alliance character to have a cockroach for a pet requires a Horde character to buy it in the Undercity and sell it via the neutral auction house. The AH will also be the only way for a character who doesn't have the Burning Crusade expansion to gain the vendor pets from the draenei or blood elves. Also, some of the pets are limited supply items, which means that the vendor will have a set number (usually one) for sale; if someone else has already bought your desired pet, you will need to wait for the vendor to restock (usually 10-15 minutes).

Alliance Vendors
BombayBombay (40s)
Donni Anthania, Elwynn Forest
Action: stretches
Cornish RexCornish Rex (40s)
Donni Anthania, Elwynn Forest
Action: stretches
Orange TabbyOrange Tabby (40s)
Donni Anthania, Elwynn Forest
Action: stretches
Silver TabbySilver Tabby (40s)
Donni Anthania, Elwynn Forest
Action: stretches
Donni Anthania, the Crazy Cat Lady, lives in a farmhouse just south of Northshire Abbey in Elwynn Forest
Snowshoe RabbitSnowshoe Rabbit (20s)
Yarlyn Amberstill, Amberstill Ranch, Dun Morogh
Yarlyn is the young girl running around the ranch near the Riding Ram vendor. You need to catch her and right-click her to get her attention.
White KittenWhite Kitten (60s)
Lil' Timmy, Stormwind City
Timmy roams the city, mostly the Canal District, Old Town, and Trade District. The kitten is a limited supply item, so you may have to check back with him if someone else has already bought his kitten.
Action: stretches
Hawk OwlHawk Owl (50s)
Shylenai, Darnassus
Great Horned OwlGreat Horned Owl (50s)
Shylenai, Darnassus
Shylenai is in the eastern entryway to Darnassus, where you first enter the city from Teldrassil
Blue MothBlue Moth (50s)
Sixx, The Exodar
White MothWhite Moth (50s)
Sixx, The Exodar
Yellow MothYellow Moth (50s)
Sixx, The Exodar
Sixx the Moth Keeper is near the back of The Crystal Hall in the Exodar, south of the Shaman trainer
Neutral Vendors
Tree FrogTree Frog (1g)
Flik, Darkmoon Faire
Action: catches flies
Wood FrogWood Frog (1g)
Flik, Darkmoon Faire
Action: catches flies
Flik is a little orcish child who runs through the Faire. You need to catch up to him and right-click him to get his attention. The Wood Frog is a limited supply item.
CockatielCockatiel (40s)
Narkk, Booty Bay
SenegalSenegal (50s)
Narkk, Booty Bay
Narkk runs a pirate supply shop at the south end of the Old Port Authority mall near the docks of Booty Bay.
Ancona ChickenAncona Chicken (1g)
Magus Tirith, Mirage Raceway, Thousand Needles
Tiny Spore BatTiny Spore Bat (30 glowcaps)
Mycah, Sporeggar, Zangarmarsh
Requires Exalted reputation with the Sporeggar faction
Blue DragonhawkBlue Dragonhawk Hatchling (10g)
Dealer Rashaad, Stormspire, Netherstorm
Brown RabbitBrown Rabbit (10g)
Dealer Rashaad, Stormspire, Netherstorm
Mana WyrmlingMana Wyrmling (40g)
Dealer Rashaad, Stormspire, Netherstorm
These look like the low-level critters found in the Blood Elf starting zone; one is consumed by a blood elf in the Burning Crusade trailer.
Red MothRed Moth (10g)
Dealer Rashaad, Stormspire, Netherstorm
SiameseSiamese (cat) (60s)
Dealer Rashaad, Stormspire, Netherstorm
Also dropped by Cookie, Deadmines, Westfall
Nether Ray FryNether Ray Fry (10g)
Skyguard Quartermasters
Requires Exalted reputation with the Sha'tari Skyguard faction
PenguPengu (penguin) (12g)
Kalu'ak Quartermasters
Requires Exalted reputation with the Kalu'ak faction
Action: Chitters when clicked
Ghostly SkullGhostly Skull (40g)
Darahir, Black Market, Dalaran Sewers
Albino SnakeAlbino Snake (50g)
Breanni, Dalaran Pet Shop
Calico CatCalico Cat (50g)
Breanni, Dalaran Pet Shop
Obsidian HatchlingObsidian Hatchling (50g)
Breanni, Dalaran Pet Shop
Blue RocketbotBlue Clockwork Rocket Bot (50g)
Jepetto Joybuzz or Clockwork Assistant, The Wonderworks, Dalaran
The Oracles of Sholazar Basin in Northrend have found a number of Mysterious Eggs that they will sell (for 3g base value) to those Revered (or higher) with them. These eggs take seven days to hatch and can yield a food item, a rare green proto-drake mount, or one of these four pets.
Cobra HatchlingCobra Hatchling (3g)
Potentially hatched from a Mysterious Egg, sold by Quartermaster Geen, Rainspeaker Canopy, Sholazar Basin
Proto-Drake WhelpProto-Drake Whelp (3g)
Potentially hatched from a Mysterious Egg, sold by Quartermaster Geen, Rainspeaker Canopy, Sholazar Basin
TickbirdTickbird (3g)
Potentially hatched from a Mysterious Egg, sold by Quartermaster Geen, Rainspeaker Canopy, Sholazar Basin
White TickbirdWhite Tickbird (3g)
Potentially hatched from a Mysterious Egg, sold by Quartermaster Geen, Rainspeaker Canopy, Sholazar Basin
Horde Vendors
Black KingsnakeBlack Kingsnake (50s)
Xan'tish, Valley of Spirits, Orgrimmar
Brown SnakeBrown Snake (50s)
Xan'tish, Valley of Spirits, Orgrimmar
Crimson SnakeCrimson Snake (50s)
Xan'tish, Valley of Spirits, Orgrimmar
CockroachCockroach (50s)
Jeremiah Payson, Undercity
Payson stands on the ground floor at the east end below the bank.
Prarie DogPrarie Dog (50s)
Halpa, Thunder Bluff
Halpa is on the middle rise behind Cairne Bloodhoof's tent.
Golden DragonhawkGolden Dragonhawk Hatchling (50s)
Jilanne, Fairbreeze Village, Eversong Woods
Red DragonhawkRed Dragonhawk Hatchling (50s)
Jilanne, Fairbreeze Village, Eversong Woods
Silver DragonhawkSilver Dragonhawk Hatchling (50s)
Jilanne, Fairbreeze Village, Eversong Woods

Quest Pets

Some pets are earned by questing for them. Some of these are limited to a particular faction. These are usually Bind on Pickup, so if you earn one, it's yours to keep. Some of these are available only during a particular season.

Normal Quests
Westfall ChickenPrarie Chicken
[1] Cluck! (Chicken)
This quest is obtained by spamming "/chicken" at a chicken, obtaining Saldean's Special Chicken Feed (Alliance vendor, Westfall, north of Sentinel Hill or Horde vendor in Brill, Tirisfal Glades), hailing a chicken with a /cheer, then completing the quest.
Sprite DarterSprite Darter
[48] Becoming a Parent (Agnar Beastamer, Aerie Peak, The Hinterlands)
This is the end of a chain that begins with the Freedom for All Creatures quest given by Kindal Moonweaver southwest of the Grimtotem camp in Feralas. Horde may receive this pet as a rare drop from the Sprite Darters in the area.
Mechanical ChickenMechanical Chicken
[50] An OOX of Your Own?
This is the end of a questline started by the three OOX distress beacons, dropped randomly from mobs in Feralas, The Hinterlands, and Tanaris.
Smolderweb HatchlingSmolderweb Hatchling
[59d] En-Ay-Es-Tee-Why (Kibler, Burning Steppes)
This quest requires you to collect Spire Spider eggs from Lower Blackrock Spire.
Worg PupWorg Pup
[59d] Kibler's Exotic Pets (Kibler, Burning Steppes)
This quest has you venture into LBRS to retrieve a Bloodaxe Worg Pup from the room with Halcyon. A walkthrough to stealth both the LBRS quests was posted to the net here.
Blood ParrotBlood Parrot
[60] Avast Ye, Admiral (Fleet Master Firallon, Stranglethorn Vale)
Note that this quest requires gaining Friendly standing with the Bloodsail Buccaneers, usually severely impacting Booty Bay faction. The quest reward is a Bloodsail Admiral's Hat which allows you to summon the parrot.
[1] Spawn of Jub Jub (Morja, Darkmoon Faire)
Jub Jub is a small brightly colored frog who has run away from his orcish keeper. You will need 2+ (5 is typical) Dark Iron Ale mugs either retrieved from the Grim Guzzler in BRD or purchased off the AH to lure Jub Jub back to his keeper.
Action: catches flies, croaks when clicked
[65+] Skywing (Skywing, Terokkar Forest)
This is an escort quest to escort Skywing (found in Terokkar Forest near (53, 72) to kill Luanga the Imprisoner (L65 elite) in Veil Shalas. Along the way, Skywing picks fights with several L63-64 Shalassi arakkoa. The quest is turned in to Rilak the Redeemed in Lower City.
Baby CrocoliskBaby Crocolisk
Found in Bag of Fishing Treasures, quest reward from the daily Fishing quests (Old Man Barlo, Silmyr Lake, Terokkar Forest)
There are four variants of the baby crocolisk - Snarly, Toothy, Chuck, and Muckbreath.
Action: growls when clicked
Strand CrawlerStrand Crawler)
Found in Bag of Fishing Treasures, quest reward from the daily Fishing quests in Dalaran.
Argent Tournament Pets
Patch 3.1 added the Argent Tournament event, which allowed the collection of Champion's Seals by completing dailies. Alliance and Horde each have a set of pets that can be purchased for 40 seals apiece, as well as an additional pet for completing all the dailies. These aren't soulbound, so it's possible for Alliance and Horde to exchange pets via the neutral AH.
Durotar ScorpionDurotar Scorpion
40 Champion's Seals
Ammen Vale LashlingAmmen Vale Lashling
40 Champion's Seals
Enchanted BroomEnchanted Broom
40 Champion's Seals
Dun Morogh CubDun Morogh Cub
40 Champion's Seals
Mulgore HatchlingMulgore Hatchling
40 Champion's Seals
Elwynn LambElwynn Lamb
40 Champion's Seals
Sen'jin FetishSen'jin Fetish
40 Champion's Seals
40 Champion's Seals
Tirisfal BatlingTirisfal Batling
40 Champion's Seals
Teldrassil SproutlingTeldrassil Sproutling
40 Champion's Seals
Argent GruntlingArgent Gruntling
Achieve the rank of Champion with your Horde home faction (this pet is Horde-only)
Your Gruntling will carry the banner of any racial faction you hold the rank of Champion with.
Argent SquireArgent Squire
Achieve the rank of Champion with your Alliance home faction (this pet is Alliance-only)
Your Squire will carry the banner of any racial faction you hold the rank of Champion with.
Shimmering WyrmlingShimmering Wyrmling
40 Champion's Seals
The Wyrmling can be purchased from the Silver Covenant or Sunreavers Quartermaster after becoming Exalted with them.
Achievement Pets
Stinker the SkunkStinker (skunk)
Reward for completing the Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart achievement, requiring collecting 50 unique non-combat pets (not counting item-summonable pets such as the Blood Parrot)
Little FawnLittle Fawn
Reward for completing Lil' Game Hunter by collecting 75 unique non-combat pets.
Kirin Tor FamiliarKirin Tor Familiar
Reward for completing Higher Learning and using the book The Schools of Arcane Magic - Mastery to gain access to Archmage Vargoth's Retreat.
Plump TurkeyPlump Turkey
Reward for completing the Pilgrim achievement as part of the Pilgrim's Bounty season.
Action: Will self-immolate in nearby cooking fires
Perky PugPerky Pug
Reward for completing Looking for Multitudes by finishing random dungeons using the Dungeon Finder tool.
Seasonal Pets
Peddlefeet Peddlefeet
40 Love Tokens
During the Love is in the Air seasonal event, you can purchase a Truesilver Shafted Arrow which teaches you how to summon this winged goblin pet.
Toxic Wastling Toxic Wastling
Drop from Apothecary Hummel (82+)
During the Love is in the Air seasonal event, Crown Chemical Co. apothecaries invade Shadowfang Keep; defeating them yields the chance to find one of these.
Action: Eats nearby critters and grows (final size is around gnome height)
Spring Rabbit Spring Rabbit
Possible drop from Brightly Colored Eggs found during the Noblegarden season or may be purchased from a Noblegarden Vendor for 100 Noblegarden Chocolates.
Action: Periodically lags behind and then does a springing jump to catch up.
Spirit of Summer Spirit of Summer
350 Burning Blossoms
During the Midsummer Flame Festival seasonal event, you could perform quests to earn Burning Blossoms which you could save to purchase a Captured Flame, which summoned this red wisp pet.
Wolpertinger Wolpertinger
Catch the Wild Wolpertinger! (Snipehunter/Huntsniper, Brewfest Grounds)
This jackalope-like pet is a quest reward during the Brewfest season.
Frostling Frigid Frostling
Drop from Lord Ahune (80+)
During Midsummer Flame Festival, Lord Ahune can be summoned in the Slave Pens of Coilfang Reservoir and has a chance to drop one of these when defeated.
Pink Elekk Pink Elekk
100 Brewfest Prize Tokens
During the Brewfest season, you could perform quests to earn tokens which could be used to purchase this pet.
Sinister Squashling Sinister Squashling
Drop from Headless Horseman (70+)
During Hallows End, the Headless Horseman can be raised in the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard and has a chance to drop one of these when defeated.
Macabre Marionette Macabre Marionette
The Grateful Dead (Cheerful Spirit)
This quest was available (and the pet only worked) during the Day of the Dead (at the end of Hallows End).
Vampiric Batling Vampiric Batling
Drop from Tenris Mirkblood (73+)
Mirkblood was an additional boss in Karazhan during the Scourge Invasion world event. He resided in the Servants' Quarters above the stables. When slain, he dropped this batling pet for all members of the raid.
Children's Week Pets - A choice of one of these pets (or a pouch of 5g) is the reward for completing the seasonal Children's Week quests. They are all Bind on Pickup.
Whiskers the Rat Whiskers the Rat
[55] A Warden of the Horde/Alliance (Orphan Matron)
Mr. Wiggles Mr. Wiggles (piglet)
[55] A Warden of the Horde/Alliance (Orphan Matron)
Action: eats hay; alleged to occasionally sing
Speedy Speedy (turtle)
[55] A Warden of the Horde/Alliance (Orphan Matron)
Action: stretches
With Patch 2.1, a new Children's Week quest was added in Outland (the first Outland holiday quest). As with the Azerothian quest, the rewards include a choice of three pets.
Egbert the Hawkstrider Egbert the Hawkstrider Hatchling
[70] Back to the Orphanage (Orphan Matron Mercy)
Action: randomly runs around
Willy the Floating Eye Sleepy Willy the Floating Eye
[70] Back to the Orphanage (Orphan Matron Mercy)
Action: periodically falls asleep and wakes up panicked
Peanut the Elekk Peanut the Baby Elekk
[70] Back to the Orphanage (Orphan Matron Mercy)
Action: trumpets
With Patch 3.2, a new Children's Week quest was added to Dalaran. Based on which orphan you choose to shepherd, you will be awarded one of two pets.
Curious Oracle Hatchling Curious Oracle Hatchling
[70] Back to the Orphanage (Roo the Oracle Orphan)
Curious Wolvar Pup Curious Wolvar Pup
[70] Back to the Orphanage (Kekek the Wolvar Orphan)
Winter Veil Pets - During the last week of Winter Veil, Greatfather Winter leaves presents under the trees in Orgrimmar and Ironforge for good little adventurers. Each character will find four to six gifts under the tree, one of which contains vanity pets. L20 or higher is required to get the Winter Veil pets; the Gaily Wrapped Present will contain a random selection from four pets. These pets are Bind on Use and require a snowball to activate; snowballs can be found in holiday snow banks or purchased from the Smokywood Pastures vendors in Orgrimmar or Ironforge during the season. Year-round, engineers with a Snowmaster 9000 device can manufacture (and trade or sell) snowballs (albeit at a very slow rate).
Green Helper GnomeWinter's Little Helper (Green)
[20] A Gaily Wrapped Present
Red Helper GnomeWinter's Little Helper (Red)
[20] A Gaily Wrapped Present
Tiny ReindeerTiny Reindeer
[20] A Gaily Wrapped Present
Tiny SnowmanTiny Snowman
[20] A Gaily Wrapped Present

Crafted Pets

Engineers can produce both combat and non-combat pets using their ingenious crafting skills. The non-combat ones do not require engineering skills to use, making them unique gifts. For fisherfolk, the Burning Crusade and Wrath each added a new "fishable" vanity pet.

Mechanical SquirrelMechanical Squirrel (75 Engineering)
Dropped schematic
Lil SmokyLil' Smoky (205 Engineering)
Bind on Pickup, schematic dropped from robot mobs in Gnomeregan (Arcane Nullifier, Peacekeeper Security Suit, Crowd Pummeler, etc)
Mechanical ToadLifelike Mechanical Toad (265 Engineering)
Dropped schematic
Pet BomblingPet Bombling (205 Engineering)
Bind on Pickup, schematic dropped from Mekgineer Thermaplugg in Gnomeregan
Tranquil Mechanical YetiTranquil Mechanical Yeti (250 Engineering)
Schematic received when completing the quest "[56] Are We There, Yeti?" from Umi Rumplesnicker in Everlook.
Magical CrawdadMagical Crawdad (~430 Fishing)
Rarely, when fishing in Highland Mixed Schools in Terokkar Forest (requiring aerial access - so this requires a L68 druid or L70 for everyone else), you can fish a Mr. Pinchy, who has 3 charges. Each use can grant a buff, a short duration combat pet, or a Magical Crawdad Box which gives this non-combat pet.
Giant Sewer RatGiant Sewer Rat (~430 Fishing)
This is a rare catch when fishing in the Dalaran sewers (approximately 525 skill to avoid missed catches). Fishing off the docks at the inn seems to be the standard place.

Dropped Pets

If player characters like pets so much, it stands to reason that the NPC mobs do as well. A variety of pets are out there for the looting. These pets are usually Bind on Use. Drop rates provided by Thottbot.

Green Wing MacawGreen Wing Macaw
Defias Pirates, Deadmines, Westfall
Drop Rate: ~2%
SiameseSiamese (cat)
Cookie, Deadmines, Westfall
Drop Rate: ~11%
Also sold by Dealer Rashaad, Stormspire, Netherstorm
Hyacinth MacawHyacinth Macaw
Bloodsail Pirates (L40-44), Stranglethorn Vale
Drop Rate: 0.01%
Black TabbyBlack Tabby
Dalaran (Alliance-Friendly) mobs (L18-22), Silverpine Forest
Drop Rate: 0.1% (possibly higher from Dalaran Spellscribes)
Action: stretches
Crimson WhelplingCrimson Whelpling
Whelps (L24-26), south-eastern Wetlands
Drop Rate: 0.1%
Emerald WhelplingEmerald Whelpling
Dreaming Whelps (L34-36), south-western Swamp of Sorrows near Itharius' Cave
Drop Rate: 0.1%
Dark WhelplingDark Whelpling
Scalding/Searing Whelps (L38-42), eastern Badlands, southern Duskwallow Marsh
Drop Rate: 0.03%
Azure WhelplingAzure Whelpling
Blue Dragonspawn (L50-51), south-central Azshara
Drop Rate: ~0.1%
Disgusting OozelingDisgusting Oozeling
Retrieved from Oozing Bags dropped by L50 and higher slimes and oozes
Drop Rate: ~0.01%
When active, lowers defense and all resistances by 20 and gives you a diseased/poisoned appearance.
Action: drinks Dark Iron Ale if thrown down in front of it
Bogflare Needlers (L60-62), northern Zangarmarsh
Drop Rate: ~0.1%
Phoenix HatchlingPhoenix Hatchling
Prince Kael'thas, Magister's Terrace, Isle of Quel'Danas
Drop Rate: ~5%
Zul'Aman Forest Frog
Drop Rate: ~2%
Occasionally dropped when a player removes a hex from a frog using an Amani Hex Stick.
Action: Polymorphs player into a frog for 15 sec when /kiss'ed.
Coyote SpiritCoyote Spirit
Don Carlos, Old Hillsbrad Foothills, Caverns of Time (Durnholde) (Heroic)
Drop Rate: 100%
Note that unequipping the sombrero-styled Don Carlos' Famous Hat dismisses the spirit.
Darting HatchlingDarting Hatchling
Dart's Nest (rare ground spawn), Dustwallow Marsh
Drop Rate: 100%
Deviate HatchlingDeviate Hatchling
Deviate Guardian/Ravagers, Wailing Caverns
Drop Rate: 0.1%
Gundrak HatchlingGundrak Hatchling
Gundrak Raptor, Zul'drak
Drop Rate: 0.1%
Leaping HatchlingLeaping Hatchling
Takk's Nest (rare ground spawn), The Barrens
Drop Rate: 100%
Ravasaur HatchlingRavasaur Hatchling
Matriarch's Nest (rare ground spawn), Un'goro Crater
Drop Rate: 100%
Razormaw HatchlingRazormaw Hatchling
Matriarch's Nest (rare ground spawn), Wetlands
Drop Rate: 100%
Razzashi HatchlingRazzashi Hatchling
Razzashi Raptor, Zul'Gurub
Drop Rate: 0.1%

Blizzard Store Pets

In November 2009, the Blizzard Online Store began selling in-game items. The first such offerings were pets! When purchased, the game pet key can be used by all current and future characters for one World of Warcraft account. These items could also be purchased as a gift. The plush doll pets come with a code which can be similarly added to a North American World of Warcraft account or e-mailed to a friend as a gift.

Lil KTLil' KT
Action: Randomly freezes critters, laughs evilly
Pandaren MonkPandaren Monk
Action: Returns /bow emotes, occasionally takes a kung fu stance
Lil XTLil' XT
Action: Yells dialog from XT002 (boss in Ulduar)
Gryphon HatchlingGryphon Hatchling
In-game pet comes with purchase of a Gryphon Hatchling plush doll.
Wind Rider CubWind Rider Cub
In-game pet comes with purchase of the Wind Rider Cub plush doll.

Loot Card Pets

Each booster pack of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (Upper Deck Entertainment) could include a rare "Loot Card" which has a code for in-game items. Among these items are pets. Loot Card items are designed to be fun but provide no other advantages to your character. See our TCG page for more information.

Hippogryph HatchlingHippogryph Hatchling
Rare Loot card from the Heroes of Azeroth edition of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.
Rare Loot card from the Dark Portal edition of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.
Robotic Homing ChickenRobotic Homing Chicken
Rare Loot card from the Mark of the Legion edition of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.
Ethereal Soul-TraderEthereal Soul-Trader
Rare Loot card from the Hunt for Illidan edition of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.
Sells items, including an Ethereal outfit
Spectral Tiger CubSpectral Tiger Cub
Rare Loot card from the Scourgewar edition of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

Special Event Pets

Blizzard rewards fans who are real-life supporters with the occasional special perk. For those who purchased the Collector's Edition early on or who attended a related convention, Blizzard provided special limited edition pets. These are no longer generally available, barring secondary channels.

Lord of TerrorMini-Diablo
<Lord of Terror>
Collector's Edition pet
Action: belches fire
Collector's Edition pet
Panda CubPanda Cub
Collector's Edition pet or Blizzard Worldwide Invitational 2006 attendee
Action: falls asleep, mewps when clicked
Nether WhelpNether Whelp
Burning Crusade Collector's Edition pet
Baby MurlocMurky/Gurky/Lurky (Baby Murloc)
BlizzCon 2005 attendee or Burning Crusade Collector's Edition pet (EU edition)
There are three variants: Gurky (pink) and Murky (blue) were BlizzCon 2005 promotions. Lurky (beige) was provided for purchasers of the EU edition of the Burning Crusade Collector's Edition who could not initially get a Netherwhelp pet.
Action: breaks into a song and dance routine (homage to Michigan J. Frog from a classic Warner Bros. cartoon).
Golden PigLucky (Golden Pig)
Blizzard Worldwide Invitational 2007 attendee
Action: eats hay
Clockwork Rocket BotClockwork Rocket Bot
[10] A Winter Veil Gift
During the 2007 Winter Veil season, characters of L10 or higher could get this robot pet, most interesting because it would fight with other Rocket Bots in the area.
Mini TyraelMini Tyrael
Blizzard Worldwide Invitational 2008 attendee
Frosty the FrostwyrmFrosty (frostwyrm)
Wrath of the Lich King Collector's Edition pet
Spirit of Competition Spirit of Competition
During the Spirit of Competition season (tied to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games), members of a winning team in any Battleground had a chance (estimated at 20%) of receiving a Gold Medallion in the mail which summons this pet.
Baby Blizzard BearBaby Blizzard Bear
Reward for completing WoW's 4th Anniversary by logging in on 22 November 2008
Battle BotBattle Bot
Free pet from the Mountain Dew Game Fuel promotion, 2009.
Action: battles robots charged up with the opposing color of fuel (fuel also given out as part of the promotion).
Grunty the Armored MurlocGrunty
This Murloc Marine was the reward for players who made it through the qualifying round of the 2009 World of Warcraft Arena Tournament
Action: Periodically shoots random machine gun fire.
Mr. ChillyMr. Chilly
This cute penguin originally appeared during the Wrath beta and became the reward for players migrating their WoW account to a one by 11 November 2009.
Onyxian WhelplingOnyxian Whelpling
Reward for logging in to the game during the WoW five-year anniversary celebration, between 22 November 2009 and 6 December 2009.
Action: Occasionally takes a Deep Breath.
Scorchling Scorchling
Drop from Lord Ahune (70+)
During the 2008-09 Midsummer Flame Festival, Lord Ahune had a chance to drop one of these when defeated.
Core Hound PupCore Hound Pup
Reward for using an Authenticator (either the hardware Blizzard Authenticator or the smartphone authenticator application)