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CraftInfo [Download]

CraftInfo is an addon that adds a command line interface to the Reagent Data database. This allows you to display the reagents required for any recipe in your installed version of Reagent Data. You may supply the desired recipe as a quoted string or as an item link. Additionally, CraftInfo can continue to "decompose" crafted reagents so that you end up with a list of all raw materials required for the crafting.

Virus check the .zip file and unzip it into your World of Warcraft directory. Files are installed into the AddOns directory (World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\MK_CraftInfo).

Command-line (Slash) Commands

  • /craftinfo
  • /craft

Command Options

  • help - Displays list of command options
  • {#} "item name" | [itemlink] - Adds the specified number of items (default 1) to the list of items on the crafting list
  • show - Displays the crafting list and all reagents needed
  • clear - Clears the crafting list
  • {no}expand - {Don't} continue to decompose crafted reagents into components
  • {no}profs - {Don't} display required profession levels


Thanks to Jerigord for creating the Reagent Data mod.

Release Notes

version 1.4a
  • Updated TOC for patch 2.1
version 1.4
  • Added case-insensitive search
version 1.3c
  • Updated TOC for patch 1.12
version 1.3b
  • Updated TOC for patch 1.11
version 1.3a
  • Updated TOC for patch 1.10
version 1.3
  • Fixed problem handling recipes that result in more than one item being created (bombs, fireworks)
version 1.2
  • Added saved variables and usage message
version 1.1
  • First "ready for primetime" version