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Reputation [Download]

Reputation is an addon that displays reputation in numeric values. Unlike the default UI, it displays all reputation changes, including spillover, and optionally indicates the reputation remaining until the next standing level and how many of the same action is required to reach that level. If you're using the main window faction bar to watch reputation changes, this mod can automatically switch the bar to the last faction changed.

Virus check the .zip file and unzip it into your World of Warcraft directory. Files are installed into the AddOns directory (World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Reputation).

This mod was originally authored by Egris & Karmond. This version is currently maintained by volunteers from the Mortal Ken guild and is based on Egris' v0.15.

Command-line (Slash) Commands

  • /reputation
  • /rep

Command Options

  • help - Displays list of command options
  • status - Shows current status of all mod settings
  • on - Turns on the mod
  • off - Turns off the mod
  • list - Shows current reputation values
  • frame # - Selects target chat window for reputation change messages
  • load - Toggles displaying a load message on startup
  • notify - Toggles display of reputation change messages
  • next - Toggles display of reputation required for next standing
  • repeat - Toggles display of repetitions required for next standing
  • autoswap - Toggles automatically switching the main window reputation bar
  • debug - Enables debug mode (debug messages go to the default chat window)


Thanks to Egris & Karmond for creating the original mod.

From the original mod page:

  • Thanks to Barid, Bluedragon, Joseph, Kitab, Kryai & Rallion for supplying data to calculate the reputation numbers.
  • Thanks to Lunox for providing a German translation and to Eto DemerZel for a French translation.
  • Thanks to the many testers and users who have reported bugs and errors with this mod.

Release Notes

Version 0.15p
  • Updated TOC for patch 3.2 (Interface 30200)
Version 0.15o
  • Updated TOC for patch 3.1 (Interface 30100)
Version 0.15n
  • Updated TOC for patch 3.0 (Interface 30000)
  • Global for the Reputation Frame labels changed from "FactionStanding" to "ReputationBarFactionStanding"
version 0.15m-i
  • Updated TOCs for patch Interface number change
version 0.15h
  • Updated TOC for patch 2.02 (Before the Storm/Burning Crusade)
  • Updated for loops to conform to Lua 5.1 usage
version 0.15g
  • Updated TOC for patch 1.12
  • Now ignores reputation changes for factions marked "Inactive"
version 0.15f
  • Fixed calculation error when losing a rank of reputation
version 0.15e
  • Fixed bug with repetition message displayed when losing faction
  • Fixed bug with correct watched faction bar not always being selected
version 0.15d
  • Updated .toc for patch 1.11
  • New command to automatically switch the main window faction bar ("watched faction") to the one which had the most recent change. Note that the bar will not be switched if more than one faction gains the same amount (such as for an all-Steamwheedle quest)
  • Cosmetic code reformatting
version 0.15c
  • Updated .toc for patch 1.10
  • Fixed use of FACTION_STANDING_INCREASED string (Blizzard changed the format of these strings slightly)
version 0.15a,b
  • Updated .toc for patch 1.9 and 1.10

version 0.15
  • Updated .toc for patch 1.8
  • Fixed display of reputation numbers on the reputation pane
  • Removed display of reputation as a percentage
  • Removed Cosmos configuration support
version 0.14
  • Updated .toc for the new build (1600).
  • New command to notify you of repetitions required to reach the next standing.
  • New command to turn off load message.
  • French translation by Eto DemerZel.
version 0.13
  • Updated .toc for the new build (1500).
version 0.12
  • Changes to the Blizzard function GetFactionInfo() in the new patch caused some errors, these have been fixed.
version 0.11.1
  • Turning off 'next standing' reputation notifications now works.
  • German translation is complete.
  • Fixed an error that occured when notifications were turned off.
  • Slash command /reputation now works as well as /rep.
version 0.11
  • Updated .toc for the new build (1300).
  • New command to turn off reputation notifications.
  • New command to turn off 'next standing' reputation notifications.
  • on and off commands now state their function correctly.
  • German translation is incomplete.
version 0.10.1
  • Fixed a minor error with reputation calculations that occured when you went up or down a standing.
version 0.10
  • German translation by Lunox.
  • Corrected reputation gain and loss calculation. Previously if you jumped more than one standing (ie. Honored to Hated in one hit) the reputation notification would display incorrectly.
  • Improved slash commands.
  • Updated .toc for the new build (4211)
version 0.9:
  • Exalted set to 1000.
version 0.8.1:
  • Mac fix. The problem described by Shinizero in the comments appears to be a common problem with people using this mod on Macs. This version fixes that problem by introducing rounding to the numbers displayed in the reputation frame.
version 0.8:
  • Hated set to 36000.
version 0.7:
  • Updated .toc for the new build (4196)
version 0.6.1:
  • Missed a spot. Reputation remaining was being rounded correctly. While reputation gains or losses were still displaying incorrectly at times. This has been fixed.
version 0.6:
  • Rounding for raw numbers introduced to fix minor inaccuracies with notifications.
version 0.5:
  • Problem causing cosmos to toggle reputation notification when closing the options window has been fixed.
  • Problem causing the mod not to load correctly has been fixed.
  • Option to change the designated chat frame has been improved and added to the cosmos options.
  • Debug mode has been implemented, type /rep debug to toggle.
version 0.4:
  • Hostile set to 3000.
  • Unfriendly set to 3000.
  • list command for raw numbers now set to display Value/MaxValue instead of just Value.
  • Implemented an Option to change the designated chat frame for notifications (not for Cosmos though).
version 0.3:
  • Raw Revered number corrected to 21000.
  • I've gone ahead and created an option to have raw number or percentages. Fix some bugs that I found and fixed the decimal error. I made raw the default instead of percent. I think most people using this want to know more details.
  • I also changed the reputation change notification to use ZoneText and SubZoneText instead of UIErrors.
version 0.2:
  • Displays raw numbers instead of percentages.
  • Reputation notifications appear in the combat log.
  • Changed the wording for the notifications around a little.
  • This is an edit of Egris' mod.