Mining is most useful when taken with blacksmithing, engineering, or jewelcrafting, but the ore and gems gathered from mineral nodes across Azeroth are useful to all production classes. Ore and gems have excellent resale value as well.

A miner must carry a trusty Miner's Pick at all times to harvest nodes (in a pack is fine; you do not need to equip the pick). Picks may be purchased from Trade Suppliers and Mining Suppliers. Upon taking the mining skill, you gain the "Find Minerals" skill in the general tab of your spellbook. Clicking on this will highlight nearby mineral nodes in your minimap. As with all gathering skills, the Gatherer addon is extremely useful. Just right-click on a node to try to knock some ore off the node with your pick.

You also learn the skill to smelt ore into metal bars. You start with the ability to smelt copper. As your mining skill increases, you may train in skills to smelt rarer metals. In general, you may learn the skill to smelt ore at the same skill level needed to mine it. In addition, you will need to be near a forge. Forges may be found in almost any town outside of Teldrassil.

Initially, you will gain mining skill levels for smelting ore as well as mining nodes; this allows you to skill up rapidly. By the time you're mining iron, you will only gain skill points from mining. You will only have the chance to skill up on your first successful attempt on a node, but most nodes will let you harvest ore 2-4 times.

Some mobs also have enough mineral content that they either drop mineable mineral chunks or can be harvested like a node (much the the skinning skill, but requiring a Miner's Pick instead of a knife). The Obsidian Elemental guardians of Ahn'Qiraj drop mineable Obsidian Shards, for instance. Some of the Outland mobs (such as the 63+ Raging Colossus, found on Fallen Sky Ridge) are just mineable once slain. Just mouse over the body; you'll get the "gear" cursor if it's mineable.

When grouped with other miners, common courtesy requires you to discuss how to share any mineral nodes (or mobs) you find. Commonly, you either take turns collecting from the node (so that all miners can get skill ups from each node) or roll for it as you would for a chest. Even if you use rolls, each miner can take a crack at the node for skill points without looting it.


Miners gain the Toughness skill upon reaching a skill level of 75. This increases the character's maximum health. The initial increase is 30, with a maximum of 500 at skill level 450.


Grand MasterGrumbol Stoutpick, Valgarde, Howling Fjord
Fendrig Redbeard, Valiance Keep, Borean Tundra
Jonathan Lewis, Vengeance Landing, Howling Fjord
Brunna Ironaxe, Warsong Hold, Borean Tundra
Jedidiah Handers, Magus Commerce Exchange, Dalaran
MasterHurnak Grimmord, Honor Hold, Hellfire PeninsulaKrugosh, Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula

There are mining trainers in most of the starting zones and capital cities, with the exception of the island of Teldrassil, home to Darnassus. Teldrassil is mineral poor, as it is really just a big tree. Night elves need to make their way to Auberdine in Darkshore to learn to smelt metal. Other races can just ask a convenient guard in the cities for the nearest mining trainer. All trainers are able to train up to Artisan skill level.

Related Items

Item Description Source
Enchant Gloves - Mining +2 mining skill to gloves 145 Enchanting
Enchant Gloves - Advanced Mining +5 mining skill to gloves 215 Enchanting
Goblin Mining Helmet +5 mining (requires Engineering L205) 205 Engineering


Name Given By Description Reward
[23] Stonegear's Search Pilot Stonegear, Dun Morogh Bring 6 loads of Incendicite Ore to Pilot Stonegear Beer-stained Gloves (Cloth Hands, AC: 21, Str: 3, Sta: 3)
[37] Favor for Krazek Krazek, Booty Bay Bring 4 loads of Lesser Bloodstone Ore to Krazek 30s, next quest step yields Cap of Harmony (Leather Head, AC: 90, Sta: 11, Spi: 10)
[41] Indurium Ore Pozzik, Thousand Needles Collect 4 Indurium Ore from Uldaman 6s
[55] Salve via Mining Arathandris Silversky, Felwood Collect 4 Tainted Vitriol 4200xp (first time only),
2 Cenarion Plant Salve
[70d] Nethercite Ore Taskmaster Varkule Dragonbreath, Dragonmaw Base Camp, Shadowmoon Valley Collect 40 Nethercite Ore 4.4g, 250 Netherwing rep

Trade Items

Lvl Item Notes
1 Copper
Rough Stone
65 Tin
Coarse Stone
Moss Agate
Lesser Moonstone
65 Bronze 2 Bronze Bars are smelted from 1 Copper and 1 Tin Bars
75 Silver
Moss Agate
Lesser Moonstone
Any tin or iron node may respawn as silver
125 Iron
Heavy Stone
Lesser Moonstone
155 Gold
Lesser Moonstone
Any iron or mithril node may respawn as gold
165 Steel 1 Steel Bar is smelted from 1 Iron Bar and 1 Coal
175 Mithril
Solid Stone
Star Ruby
Black Vitriol
230 Truesilver
Star Ruby
Any mithril node may respawn as truesilver
230 Dark Iron
Blood of the Mountain
Black Diamond
1 Dark Iron bar is smelted from 8 Dark Iron ore; Dark Iron may only be smelted into bars at the Black Forge in Blackrock Depths; to learn to smelt Dark Iron requires providing Gloom'rel (a dwarven ghost) in Blackrock Depths with 20xGold Bar, 10xTruesilver Bar, and 2xStar Ruby
250 Thorium
Dense Stone
Star Ruby
Black Vitriol
Blue Sapphire
Azerothian Diamond
Huge Emerald
Large Opal
Arcane Crystal
Arcane Crystals may only be mined from Rich Thorium Veins. Souldarite may only be mined from Thorium Veins in Zul'Gurub
300 Earth Shatter Converts a Primal Earth into 10 Motes of Earth
300 Fire Sunder Converts a Primal Fire into 10 Motes of Fire
300 Elementium 1 Elementium Bar is smelted from 1 Elementium Ore, 10 Arcanite Bars, 1 Fiery Core, 3 Elemental Fluxes; the ability to smelt Elementium is learnt in Blackwing Lair
305 Small Obsidian Shard
Large Obsidian Shard
Obsidian Shards are mined off the stone chunks that fall off the guardian statues in Ahn'Qiraj
305 Fel Iron
Jewelcrafting gems:
Blood Garnet
Azure Moonstone
Golden Draenite
Shadow Draenite
Deep Peridot
Flame Spessarite
Living Ruby
Star of Elune
Noble Topaz
1 Fel Iron Bar is smelted from 2 Fel Iron Ore. Eternium ore is rarely found in Fel Iron deposits.
325 Adamantite
Jewelcrafting gems
1 Adamantite Bar is smelted from 2 Adamantite Ore. Khorium ore is rarely found in Adamantite deposits
350 Eternium 1 Eternium Bar is smelted from 2 Eternium Ore
350 Felsteel 1 Felsteel Bar is smelted from 5 Fel Iron Bars and 2 Eternium Bars
350 Cobalt
Northrend Gems:
Dark Jade
Sun Crystal
Scarlet Ruby
Twilight Opal
Shadow Crystal
Huge Citrine
365 Khorium 1 Khorium Bar is smelted from 2 Khorium Ore
375 Hardened Adamantite 1 Hardened Adamantite Bar is smelted from 10 Adamantite Bars
375 Hardened Khorium 1 Hardened Khorium Bar is smelted from 3 Khoirum Bars and 1 Hardened Adamantite Bar. Skill learnt from the book "Study of Advanced Smelting", dropped on the Sunwell Plateau.
400 Saronite
Northrend Gems
1 Saronite Bar is smelted from 2 Saronite Ore
450 Titanium
Northrend Gems +
Autumn's Glow
Sky Sapphire
Monarch Topaz
1 Titanium Bar is smelted from 2 Titanium Ore
450 Titansteel 1 Titansteel Bar is smelted from 3 Titanium Bars, 1 Eternal Fire, 1 Eternal Earth, and 1 Eternal Shadow
65 Rethban Ore Mined from tin veins or dropped from Gnolls in Rethban Caverns, Redridge Mountains. 5 ore required to complete the quest line begun with "[24] Speaking of Fortitude".
65 Incendicite Mined in Thelban Rock, Wetlands. 6 ore requested by Steelgear in Steelgrill Station for "[23] Steelgear's Search".
165 Lesser Bloodstone Mined in Drywhisker Cave, Arathi Highlands. 4 ore required to complete the quest "[37] Favor for Krazek" in Stranglethorn Vale.
- Indurium Mined in Uldaman. 4 ore may be (repeatedly) turned in to Pozzik in Mirage Raceway, Thousand Needles for 6s and (allegedly) faction.